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These two SQL*Plus scripts run SQL to find all privileges and roles granted to a specified user or role. Each script spools its output to a file which is then opened in Notepad.



OG User Roles 6.x-4.1 (by: Ron Parker)
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OG User Roles allows group administrators of organic groups to grant additional user roles to individual members of a certain group.Any additional permissions only apply within the context of this group and not globally. This means that the additional ...

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OG User Roles Access (OGURA) extends OGUR 4+ (OG User Roles) and introduces group roles specific node access realms.Thus you can specify assign group specific roles to a user and have per content type specific access permissions.This module overrides ...

OG Roles 5.x-1.x-dev (by: Vojtech Kusy)
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This module allows you to, for each group type, specify a list of roles that group administrators are allowed to assign.For example, if you created a "trusted user" role, and a new node type called "official group," you could allow ...

Simplenews Roles 6.x-0.1 (by: Rob Roy Barreca)
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A helper module for the Simplenews module which automatically populates a newsletter subscription list with users from specified roles.

OG Default Roles 5.x-1.3 (by: Joshua Benner)
Downloads 2   Views 224

For instance, you could have an "Editors" group, whose members will be automatically granted several appropriate roles at the time they join the "Editors" group.The module allows any group to assign and/or revoke multiple roles upon ...

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This module allows to give roles to users from a list of mails or usernames.You can choose : * which roles you want to give * give a list of email addresses and usernames in the same time * add an expiry date if you have Role Expire module enabled

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Define a set of redirect rules for specific users, users with specific roles, users with specific capabilities, and a blanket rule for all other users. This is all managed in Settings > Login redirects.You can use the syntax [variable]username[/variable] ...

HITS- Pages By Role 1.2.2 (by: Adam Erstelle)
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Pages By Role gives designers the ability to add pages to a widget while specifying what WordPress roles are required to view the link.From a drop down you can select the page, user role and optional override text for each link you want to have displayed.

CaPa Protect (by: S. Matern)
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CaPa provides Category & Pages protection on a roles & user basis.Posts in a protected Category or Pages will not be visible unless the user or role has privileges to see it.For Information CaPa Role & User Access. Further Information coming ...

Clickbank IPN 6.x-2.0 (by: giorgio79)
Downloads 2  Views 306

IntroductionThe Clickbank IPN module handles payment notifications from the Clickbank service enabling vendors to automatically provide users with accounts and roles necessary for file downloads, site memberships etc. upon the completion of a sale or ...

Menu per Role 6.x-1.11 (by: Wolfgang Ziegler)
Downloads 3   Views 209

This module allows you to restrict access to menu items1 per roles. It depends on the Drupal core menu.moduled-deOCLjust activate both modules and edit a menu item as usual. There will be a new fieldset that allows you to restrict access by role.1 We ...

Restrict Content 6.x-1.1 (by: Robert Phillips)
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Selecting the roles and saving the node is all that's required.It will work with any content type, whether it was created in Drupal or by a module.InstallationUnpack in your modules folder (usually '/sites/all/modules/')Enable under Administer > Site ...

Registration Secret Codes 6.x-1.0 (by: Antonio Savorelli)
Downloads 1   Views 265

This module helps create secret codes that users can enter to automatically register or upgrade their accounts to specific roles. It is particularly useful for cases when it's impractical for the website administrator to manually process and upgrade ...

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This module lets administrator to select roles that will be available for selection on registration form.It also allows to select which roles needs admin approval. If user selects such a role during registration his account will be blocked until approved ...

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