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The 3 phase induction motor is modeled to accept the No-Load & Blocked rotor test results for determining the equivalent circuit parameters. The model is used to simulate various performance characteristics. these characteristics can be viewed using ...



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Test Suites Results Parser and Browser aims to provide a web interface (based on PHP/MySQL) to browse and analyse logfiles of Open POSIX TestSuite runs.It will be extended to support other conformance-type testsuites (Linux Test Project, ...) as well.

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JMeter Results Analyser, a web based application for collating, analysing and reporting on JMeter test results.The project is one of the best thinking to utilize and enhance the use of opensource performance test tool Jmeter. JMeter Results Analyser ...

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remove pages from search results.Installation : 1. Upload remove-page-from-search-results.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory 2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

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ERE-The Examination Results Explorer is an advanced web application basically designed to give the students of a school, and the school faculty, access to a detailed and analytical view of their examination results (Technologies:PHP,MySQL,javascript).

Yelp Search Results 6.x-1.1 (by: Michael Miles)
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The module creates a new block called "Yelp search results," which can be placed on the page from the block administer section (Administer > Blocks).The title, location, search radius, maximum number of results and Yelp categories to search, ...

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I needed, however, to use it to allow any users of role "Intranet_Form_Authors" to create forms, edit their own forms, and download the results of their own forms but not the results of any other forms.The existing webform module doesn't provide ...

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Allow your users to search from within search results. As databases grow the necessity for the user to continually narrow a search to the item that they truly want will grow also. The following example utilizes a db on U.S. State capitals. Upon the ...

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In this Part 2 of the article "Building Next/Prev Buttons for Query Results," you will be shown a sample code designed to work in most instances (with minor changes).

Exec and system command and results (by:
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This simple tutorial shows you how to execute system command such as ping in php and display results. Code and example is included.

PDO XML Grid 1.0 (by: Marcelo Costa)
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PDO XML Grid can executes a given SQL query using PDO and generates a XML document from the query results. An XSL stylesheet can be used to transform the generated XML document into an HTML table.

Qexec 1.0 (by: Giulio Bai)
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Qexec establishes database connections, executes queries and returns the results in arrays. Query text literal values can also be escaped.

Code Box Editor 1.1 (by: Carole Nickerson)
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A code box where users can edit code and preview their results all on the same page.A great way to offer your code snippets to your visitors.

SigPlot 1.0 (by: Yannis Agiomyrgiannakis)
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A high-quality interface for visualizing 1-D signals and analysis results. It can handle big files and it features a plugin-interface that allows visualization and editing of signal-related information.

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