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Geo GPS 1.0 (by: Anonymous)
Downloads 5   Views 277

GeoGPS is a web application for sharing GPS routes publicly via a web interface. By a public form, any user can submit a track file (in any supported GPS file format), and it will automaticly belong to the application database, being shown to everyone.



Flickr Feed Gallery 1.1 (by: Jayson Joseph Chacko)
Downloads 1   Views 222

Flickr Feed Gallery can be used to display any type of publicly available Flickr photo feeds. Flickr Feed Gallery supports the following features, * Can display public photos, friend photos, group pool photos and favorite photos. Please see the [Flickr ...

RDF SPARQL Endpoint 6.x-1.x-dev (by: StdoTephane Corlosquet)
Downloads 1  Views 368

The RDF SPARQL Endpoint module indexes the RDF data publicly available on a Drupal site into an ARC2 RDF store. It also provides a SPARQL endpoint via the ARC2 SPARQL interface.Because it relies on the ARC2 library, this module requires MySQL and will ...

Wikify 6.x-1.0 (by: Jeff Eaton)
Downloads 1   Views 103

Allows users to mark individual pieces of content as publicly editable: useful when the "Edit all..." permission for a given content type is too broad.

Lock My Computer 3 68 (by: Pc-Safety)
Downloads 2  Views 408

Lock My Computer is a powerful desktop security solution for personal or publicly accessible computers running the Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 Operating Systems. It disallows unauthorized changes to various settings of the Windows system, such as Control ...

X-cart Froogle Output Module 1 (by:
Downloads 1  Views 268

This pack creates the ability to export Froogle data file of all of your publicly available products.The data is cleaned up and full images paths are created in the correct format for uploading to goggle's ecommerce search engine "".

Downloads 1  Views 265

We attempt to reproduce and efficiently implement in MATLAB publicly available methods of Affymetrix MAS 5 and GCOS 1.2 software that perform single-array and comparison analysis for Affymetrix data given by CEL and CDF files and create corresponding ...

tweetrix 1.0.2 (by: 01001111)
Downloads 2   Views 141

The tweetrix widget/plugin will allow you to display a word cloud from up to 200 tweets from a publicly accessible Twitter feed (preferably your own). You can configure: * the user (or the twitterapi feed by default) * the number of tweets * the minimum ...

upc0ming 1.1.1 (by: 01001111)
Downloads 3   Views 177

The upc0ming widget/plugin shows all, or a limited number of, the upcoming events booked on a Google Calendar that is publicly readable. This doesn't need to be your default Google Calendar, you can create new calendars in which you can share only a ...

MediaCore 1.0 (by: getmediacore)
Downloads 3   Views 211

MediaCore's plugin allows you to embed any videos publicly accessible on your MediaCore site. MediaCore is an online video platform for managing, encoding, monetizing and delivering video to mobile and desktop devices. MediaCore makes it easy for any ...

Hall of Fame 6.x-1.0 (by: Scott Courtney)
Downloads 5   Views 237

HOF, or "Hall of Fame", is a module that provides publicly-visible summary statistics for a Drupal web site. What differentiates hof.module from the regular Drupal statistics is that HOF is meant to provide a public display of statistics, emphasizing ...

Downloads 1   Views 269

Anonymous Publishing module allows users with registered role to publish a content in anonymous way if they prefer, meaning that their content won't be never associated publicly to their user name. It also allows users with anonymous role to publish ...

Downloads 4   Views 238

This is my first publicly released module, and as such, I will accept any and all input or feedback on it's operation or appearance. I don't know why or what I was looking for one night, but I just decided to look up some random element online, and in ...

Downloads 1  Views 300

This module provides a handy solution for the following situation: you want to offer some files for download to either anonymous or registered users you don't want those files to be publicly accessible you want to collect some data before granting access ...

X-cart Add on Module: Froogle Export 2.0 (by:
Downloads 12  Views 1062

This x-cart add-on exports a data file of all of your publicly available products. The data is cleaned up and full images paths are created in the correct format for uploading to google's ecommerce search engine "" Works with HTML ...

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