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imdisp 1.0 (by: Oliver Woodford)
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This function combines the functionality of IMAGE, IMAGESC, IMSHOW and MONTAGE.In particular, it improves upon the MONTAGE function in the Image Processing Toolbox in these ways: - Image Processing Toolbox not required - Images are placed in subplots, ...

OrthoView3D 1.0 (by: Jered Wells)
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0 then press "Adjust Pixel Size" Example: load defrise orthoview3d (Type 'defrise' in the box where 'rand(50,40,30)' appears) (Press 'Display') See also: VIEW3D, slice, montage, isosurface Jered R Wells 02/10/2012 jered [dot] wells [at] ...

Text Mixing Desk 1.0 (by: Paul Watson)
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Taking their inspiration from the philosophy of sampling, William Burroughs' cut-up technique, Jeff Noon's "Cobralingus" project and too many long nights spent on music mixing desks, Nottingham art-text-terrorists the Lazarus Corporation have ...

MontageFigures 1.0 (by: Nick Sinclair)
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and I want a montage with 12 and 15 on the first line and 18 on the next.mfig = MontageFigures([12 15 18], 2,2)where the horizontal length is the first 2vertical length is the second 2. This will leave the 4th subplot (2,2) empty.mfig is the handle ...

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You may use immovie(im) to play a movie or montage(im) to show all images in one figure. 3) Limitation: all images MUST have exactly identical size. Otherwise, an error will take place and the program will be terminated. The reason is that all image ...

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