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lorentzfit1 1.0 (by: Jered Wells)
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/10; a = lorentzfit1(x,y); Jered R Wells 11/15/11 jered [dot] wells [at] duke [dot] edu See also: lorentzval1, lorentzfit REF: REF: Siewerdsen, et al., (1998). Signal, noise power spectrum, and detective ...

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*x + 1 + randn(size(x)); p = polyfit(x,y,1); f = polyval(p,x); r2 = rsquare(y,f); figure; plot(x,y,'b-'); hold on; plot(x,f,'r-'); Jered R Wells 11/17/11 jered [dot] wells [at] duke [dot] edu

OrthoView3D 1.0 (by: Jered Wells)
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0 then press "Adjust Pixel Size" Example: load defrise orthoview3d (Type 'defrise' in the box where 'rand(50,40,30)' appears) (Press 'Display') See also: VIEW3D, slice, montage, isosurface Jered R Wells 02/10/2012 jered [dot] wells [at] ...

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STEMLEAFPLOT(X)This function plots stem-leaf plots of the integer input X.X may be any size or dimension. Stem-leaf plots are printed to thecommand window.This code can handle negative numbers and also makes proper exceptionsfor numbers -10

lorentzfit3 1.0 (by: Jered Wells)
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','LineWidth',2) hold on; plot(x,lorentzval3(x,a),'r-','LineWidth',2) Jered R Wells 11/15/11 jered [dot] wells [at] duke [dot] edu See also: lorentzval3 REF:

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