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Marching Cubes 1.0 (by: Peter Hammer)
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This function uses a vectorized version of the marching cubes algorithm to compute a triangulated mesh of the isosurface within a given 3D matrix of scalar values at a given isosurface value. The output is a triangulated mesh specified in terms of a ...

patch_area 1.0 (by: Ted Ballou)
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This function is provided to extract geometric properties of a volume array that has been thresholded and characterized by a patch (of triangular faces) generated by isosurface(). Its purpose is to calculate the area of a nerve cell dendrite, and also ...

Showvol Isosurface Render 1.0 (by: Dirk-Jan Kroon)
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- Phong Shaded Isosurface polygon mesh which can be rotated and zoomed- 3D Slice View- Fast preview, phong shaded Iso surface render to image (only x,y and z directions). (function is inside the showvol.m file)

OrthoView3D 1.0 (by: Jered Wells)
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0 then press "Adjust Pixel Size" Example: load defrise orthoview3d (Type 'defrise' in the box where 'rand(50,40,30)' appears) (Press 'Display') See also: VIEW3D, slice, montage, isosurface Jered R Wells 02/10/2012 jered [dot] wells [at] ...

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Example 1: % Write binary STL from face/vertex data tmpvol = zeros(20,20,20); % Empty voxel volume tmpvol(8:12,8:12,5:15) = 1; % Turn some voxels on fv = isosurface(tmpvol, 0.99); % Create the patch object stlwrite('test.stl',fv) % Save to binary .stl ...

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It is similar to isosurface, and useful for visualizing a 3D binary mask in its entirety (with no interpolation as in isosurface).function xface=blockPlot(mask, offset, varargin)inputs:mask - a 3D logical array or a 3D binary mask. The function will ...

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meshFV - Optional - structure - Structure containing the faces and vertices of the mesh, in the same format as that produced by the isosurface command.meshX - Optional - 3xN array - List of the mesh X coordinates for the 3 vertices of each of the N facetsmeshY ...

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^2 < 99^2; img = convn(img,ones(5,5,5)/(5*5*5)); p = isosurface(img,0.5); ph = patch(p); set(gca,'visible','off') axis equal texture = imread('autumn.tif'); patchTexture(ph,texture) view(58,82)SEE ALSO patch, surface

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