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The Absolute Image Gallery is a state of the art digital assets administration system that will let you create and maintain any kind of multimedia content on your site: Pictures, Animations, Videos, MP3's, Wavs, Real Media, Word, Excel, Flash, all of ...



Access Image URL to TextBox 1.0 (by:
Downloads 15  Views 1077

When an image is clicked, this script will show the image URL in a textbox. Useful for cases where you want others to be able to copy the image address easily for linking... such as for banners, logo graphics, etc. A single instance of the script can ...

Active Image Viewer 4.7 (by: Patrick OBrien)
Downloads 63  Views 1753

Image Viewer provides a very efficient way to display multiple images within a small area. Thumbnails are automatically generated and displayed (removing the need for you to create smaller versions of your images / pictures). When a visitor clicks a ...

Downloads 32  Views 1423

This is a quick and easy way to add an image to the background of a textarea. A great way to dress up an otherwise bland browser page. JavaScript: Adding A Background Image To A TextArea - Software, JavaScript, and Delphi Resources

AlstraSoft Image Host 1.6 (by: AlstraSoft)
Downloads 66  Views 1286

AlstraSoft Image Host is the perfect image hosting script that allows webmasters to start their own highly profitable image hosting service. Members can signup for both free and paid hosting plans using Paypal and start uploading their images and create ...

Downloads 80  Views 1416

Image Uploader 4.0 Dual is a powerful uploading solution for your sites. It enables website developers to provide their users with a user-friendly uploading interface for multiple files. Now to upload, say, 10 files, the user doesn't need to click 10 ...

Downloads 46  Views 1480

Four-state image buttons -- with no multiple images, no layers, and no JavaScript? Darned close! Plug in a simple style script, attach a few mouse events to an image (or images), and bang -- instant four-action buttons even most power scripters would ...

Downloads 18  Views 1485

Disable IE Image Toolbar. If you wish to Disable the Image Toolbar in IE then use this script on your site. Only a few lines of code. HTMLBLOCK encryption and security experts since 1997. Offering php, js and html encryption along side ...

Downloads 104  Views 1611

A hyperlinked image slideshow that glides each image into view from the very top. Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- Drop-in Slideshow Script II (hyperlinked) Click here for a cool drop in image slideshow script!

Image Gallery Pro 1.0 (by:, LLC)
Downloads 50  Views 1372

Image Gallery Pro is Image Gallery Software/ Photo Gallery Software written in .NET for storing and displaying multimedia galleries of images, pictures and other files. This multi-user application is licensed based on the number of users. Each user can ...

Downloads 119  Views 2657

A FREE PHP Image Gallery, Photo / Images upload script created in php mysql, it allows members to upload images / photos to your website. Unlimited Categories, Sub Categories, easy installation image galleries. Free Image Gallery, photo sharing gallery, ...

Downloads 168  Views 3338

Add HTML 2 Image feature in your website with DypsWebCapture component : this dll is embedding a gecko/Mozilla HTML rendering engine as well as an Internet explorer HTML rendering engine which let you take a screenshot of a HTML webpage and save it as ...

Downloads 69  Views 1338

Hercules Image Rotator is a PHP script, which rotates your images/banners with a JPG (JPEG), GIF, or PNG extension from any location. Hercules Image Rotator uses Flat File (txt file) and does not need MySQL or any other DB. Does not need Java or JavaScript ...

Image Rotators by Andrei 1.1 (by: Darren Gates, Andrei Potorac)
Downloads 102  Views 1448

5 Flash image rotators. These are great if you want to quickly display your images with some cool transition effects, but don't need a full-fledged gallery system. All images are externally linkable to the URL and URL target of your choice. Image Rotators ...

Image Thumbnail Viewer 1.0 (by: Dynamic Drive)
Downloads 179  Views 2725

Image Thumbnail Viewer is a compact, unobtrusive image viewer that can be applied to any link on the page to load the desired image inside a sleek interface based on the link's "href" value. This script will center the enlarged image on the ...

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