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Following features are calculated:% Mean% Variance% Skewness% Kurtosis% Energy% EntropyAny Other histogram based features can be easily incorporated.Enjoy it



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Features Override is used by modules that provide features to selectively override and enhance one another. You may want to use it if either: * you are installing a feature module that requires this module or * you are a feature developer looking to ...

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The UUID Features Integration module provides a mechanism for exporting content (nodes, taxonomy, fields) into a features module. What's that you say? You thought features was only for configuration? This module is meant to be used in the cases where ...

NGP Campaign Features 6.x-1.8 (by: Sean Robertson)
Downloads 1   Views 251

NGP Campaign Features is a set of feature modules that will create content types, default views, and panels for common political campaign site needs. Currently included are events, issues, media center, video gallery, and home page features.

DeluxeBB 1.09 (by: Frank N.)
Downloads 14  Views 701

This forum system features optimized code structure and database, feature enabling/disabling, GZIP code to set up optimal page compression level, configurable spam and email bots protection, email address hiding, admin restricting, several banning options, ...

Ultimate Poll 1.0 (by:
Downloads 68  Views 1201

PHP based Polling system, main features include: Unlimited number of polls. Each poll with unlimited options. Easy to set it up on webpage. Password protected Administration panel for adding polls, editing polls, deleting polls, and resetting the statistics ...

Downloads 18  Views 833

eForcer WebHelpDesk has all of the features you would expect from a leading edge product, including: scalability from 1 to 1000+ users and user friendly operation and installation that is simplicity itself. SupportPRO SupportDesk - Online helpdesk script ...

ADN Forum 1.0b (by: Agustin Dondo)
Downloads 2  Views 878

ADN Forum is a PHP - MySQL forum system, with a lot of features like multiple language support, bad words, announces post, aditional page generation, administration area, very nice layout.

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After having worked through this tutorial you will be able to: * know how the additional phpMyAdmin features using special seperate tables work and how to set them up * store pictures inside a MySQL table and view them from within phpMyAdmin * put specific ...

Downloads 11  Views 665

Ad Manager Pro - Features Ability to load a new ad after a given number of seconds Each ad may be used in 1-5 campaigns, each of these campaigns has its own configuration. For example you can select days (Sunday, Monday ...), time zones, range of dates ...

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Text Exchange Pro - Features Easy installation - you only need enter a few fields in the setup form (mySQL database data) and the script will do the rest1-year or 3-year free updates, depending on the license you purchaseNo visible link to us on public ...

Downloads 3   Views 232

Features :: XML driven; support mulitple services; HTML and CSS support; support scroll if needed; all text colours can be modified via XML; centralized coding; code is fully commented; help file is included;. XML driven; support mulitple services; HTML ...

ApexSQL Edit 1.1 (by: Apex SQL Tools)
Downloads 1  Views 367

ApexSQL Edit is a powerful IDE especially designed for advanced SQL Server developers including integration with source control, Intelliprompt, sql formatting, data editing and advanced features not found in other SQL IDEs like procedure/column Intellisense, ...

KMess 1.5pre2 (by: KMess Team)
Downloads 2   Views 244

With KMess, chatting with friends using Live Messenger has never been so good enjoy our great features: * Display picture transfers * Fast file transfers * Custom emoticons, nudges and winks * Offline messaging and chatting while invisible * Rich and ...

aMSN 0.97RC1 (by: aMSN team)
Downloads 5   Views 321

aMSN is a free open source MSN Messenger clone, with features such as:- Display pictures- Custom emoticons- Multi-language support (around 40 languages currently supported)- Webcam support- Sign in to more than one account at once- Full-speed File transfers- ...

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