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Xb Ajax Widget Demo 0.1 (by: explodybits)
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Copy the xb-widget-ajax-demo folder to the wp-content/plugins folder. Activate the "Xb Ajax Widget Demo" plug-in in the wp-admin plugin screen. Add the Xb_Widget_Ajax_Demo widget to a side-bar on the Widgets wp-admin screen.Installation Copy ...



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This is a demo of Each time pENC encrypts a script it generates a license file that MUST be present for the encrypted work to run! The encrypted scripts regenerate themselves at runtime.

Downloads 3  Views 466

This demo shows how to create dynamic progress bar images using the PHP GD functions.

Downloads 1  Views 462

This demo shows how to do resizing and overlays using the PHP GD functions.

Downloads 1  Views 339

A demo application that uses Microsoft Internet Explorers DHTML and XML capabilities to display Edgar Online's xbrl express XML data. The report is rendered totally in the browsers using DHTML, XML parsing, and XSL transformation. The report features ...

M-QAM Modem Demo 1.1 (by: Rustam Efendi)
Downloads 5  Views 384

These files just to simulate or demo M-QAM modem in case BER, channel model, signals in t and f domain.Overal proses from bit insertion at modulator to bit estimated in demodulator. We can see the change of signal in each block diagram.

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- This demo supports R2006a -> R2010aSimulink plant and controller models are used with LEGO's latest high-tech robot (ARM-based LEGO Mindstorms NXT) to illustrate industrial application of Model-Based Design with Production Code Generation. Take ...

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The main goal of this demo is to show how you can improve your visualization and understanding of a dynamic system that has simple second order differential equations but complex to visualize due to switching between them. By using 3D animation, you ...

Efficient Frontier GUI 1.0 (by: Michael Weidman)
Downloads 1  Views 272

Demo graphical user interface that finds an unconstrained mean-variance efficient frontier given asset price data. This data can come from Yahoo finance, where you can find the optimial portfolio for any set of assets you choose, or from a supplied Microsoft ...

Boosting Demo 1.0 (by: Richard Stapenhurst)
Downloads 4  Views 309

This demo gives a clear visual presentation of what happens during the Adaboost algorithms. It shows how the decision boundary, example weights, training error and base learner weights change during training.A selection of base learning algorithms are ...

Downloads 5   Views 288

This entry contains the demo presented as part of two separate MathWorks webinars related to MATLAB-to-C code generation. In this demo, we feature a Kalman filtering algorithm for tracking moving objects and will demonstrate how to automatically generate ...

Constrained MOO using GA 1.0 (by: Wesam Elshamy)
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This code is a demo of using Genetic Algorithms (GA) to solve a simple constrained multi-objective optimization (MOO) problem.The objective is to find the pareto front of the MOO problem defined as follows: Maximize: f1(X) = 2*x1 + 3*x2 f2(X) = 2/x1 ...

Downloads 4   Views 244

Demo files used in "Simulink Fixed-Point Tutorial R2008a (Japanese)".

Downloads 3  Views 383

This zip file contains the files for the demo used in "Introduction to Model Predictive Control Toolbox" webinar, available at this url:

Downloads 2  Views 467

Demo files from March 10, 2011 webinar titled 'Mathematical Modeling with MATLAB Products'.The first demo features a drug interaction example where MATLAB's surface fitting capabilities are used to model anesthetic response based on opioid and sedative ...

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