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Attachment Mailer class 1.20 (by: Olaf Lederer)
Downloads 32  Views 1348

I wrote this class to integrate more functionality for classes like Access_user or DB_cart and other's using PHPdaIs mail function. But the class can be also used in every web application where the standard text mail is not enough and where attachments ...



Class:NamedParms 1.03 (by:
Downloads 4  Views 1076

Class:NamedParms provides key name checking for named accessor parameters. This allows the use of a generic 'get/set' type parameterized accessor while automatically catching accidental mis-spellings and usage of uninitialized parameters. This catches ...

class.upload.php 0.24 (by: Colin Verot)
Downloads 50  Views 1995

It is the ideal class to quickly integrate file upload and image manipulation in your site. That's all you need for a gallery script for instance. It manages the uploaded file and allows you to do whatever you want with the file as many times as you ...

myPageDisplay class 1.1d (by: Peter Barkway)
Downloads 12  Views 1029

This class can perform several tasks and you decide how much you want from it. In its complete form it can generate an interactable paginated columnar listing from a MySQL database. If you want to use it in parts you can generate XHTML tables with defined ...

Downloads 4  Views 748

Here you will find an error class called CError that allows you to display a custom dialog box with the option to have a detailed message, a general message, and log the error in a file for later reference. Also uses some JavaScript and DHTML to allow ...

LoadVars Class in Flash (by:
Downloads 1  Views 592

LoadVars class is the most powerfull class for communicating with server-side technologies and to load external data from text files. It was introduced in Flash Player 6 to provide a cleaner, much more object-oriented interface for the common task of ...

PHP Text Image Class 1 (by: Ben Phelps)
Downloads 2  Views 555

This is a small but useful class that generates an image containing the text in the font you specify. A simple to use replacement for something like the Javascript cufon library when Javascript is not available or a lightweight and fast replacement for ...

DataGrid Class 1.1 (by: Nick DelMedico)
Downloads 3  Views 333

A WSC DataGrid Class with examples you can just unzip and run. Nothing to register (unless you want to).

Window Creation Class 1.1 (by: Dennis Wrenn)
Downloads 3   Views 304

This is a class for creating Windows, Buttons, Edit boxes, and Multiline Edit boxes.

Cards class Script 1.1 (by: Frank Vokoun)
Downloads 4   Views 311

It is a class for a deck of cards that contains a class playingcard. It splits the deck at a rand spot the places a random number of cards - alternating between the halves in a new deck.It then will deal fropm the top of the deck.

Downloads 1   Views 296

These Files are using in Class-4 of my "MatLab's Video Lectures". It's including all examples which we discussed in this lecture.

Downloads 3  Views 503

Model for Soft Independent Modeling of Class Analogy (SIMCA) simca_model=simca(x,classes) input: x (samples x descriptors) for calibration classes (samples x 1) classes numbers (must be >0) output: simca_model struct with: models (1 x No. classes) ...

MappedTensor class 1.0 (by: Dylan Muir)
Downloads 1   Views 231

This class transparently maps large tensors of arbitrary dimensions to temporary files on disk. Referencing is identical to a standard matlab tensor, so a MappedTensor can be passed into functions without requiring that the function be written specifically ...

Within and Between Class Scatter Matrix 1.0 (by: Felix Fernando GonzdodAlez-Navarro)
Downloads 2   Views 229

This Function calculates two important matrices, the Within (W) and Between (B) scatter matrixCOMMENTS CORRECTED IN FUNCTIONFunction takes as input a matrix and calculates two important matrices, the Within (W) and Between (B) Class Scatter Matrix. Highly ...

phpTable Class Creator 0.2 (by: Brendan Boyle)
Downloads 2  Views 407

phpTable Class Creator takes information from an existing Mysql table (other db's will be supported in the future) and creates a php Class based on this information.The class contains functions for the initialisation of the class, output of a new form, ...

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