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XLS Generator (by: Paggard)
Downloads 437  Views 3449

XLS Generator is a PHP script, allowing to create binary XLS files using PHP. Using this script you will be able to create spreadsheets on UNIX systems, or on Windows; only PHP 4.x (or later) is required and no additional PHP modules needed. XLS Generator ...

XLS Reader Class 1.0 (by: Paggard)
Downloads 4041  Views 17856

XLS Reader - PHP class that can read binary XLS files (MS Excel) using PHP only on all platforms. MS Excel or any additional PHP modules are not required. With this script you will be able to easily present your reports, price lists etc. on your web ...

Downloads 159  Views 1615

RTF Generator lets you create your own RTF files on web-servers, without any applications except PHP. No additional PHP modules needed and the sctipt is not system-dependent and works on all platforms. Using special mark-up language which is based on ...

Downloads 20  Views 834

The script is aimed to creation of the plain text files (TXT). Certainly, there is no use to "just create TXT file using PHP" it is simple - so, TXT Generator is powered by additional features in order to make it possible to create complicated ...

Rtf File Generator Class 2 5 (by: Vadim Kiparenko)
Downloads 6  Views 417

RTF Generator lets you create your own RTF files on web server, without using any other applications except PHP. Using special markup language which is based on HTML, you can describe all necessary formatting of your data. Generator supports tables with ...

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