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CAPXOUS DualList 1.1.4 (by:
Downloads 27  Views 734

This component is Object-oriented JavaScript for HTML DualList DualList is essentially multi-selection. It like shopping carts: browse all goods, chose you like, remove you hate. › Home JavaScript library for web developers: ajax ...



ImportAsciiRaster 1.0 (by: Giuliano Langella)
Downloads 5   Views 194

You are allowed to import single or multiple files by multi-selection (CRTL + Mouse_Left_Click). In the latter case by default a structure array is created in order to store the several rasters; items of the structure array are called as the imported ...

VintaSoftImaging.NET SDK 6.0 (by: VintaSoft Ltd.)
Downloads 7  Views 674

NET SDK can be used as standalone component or its functions can be extended with VintaSoft Annotation.NET, PDF.NET, JBIG2.NET, JPEG2000.NET and OCR.NET plug-ins features in any combination. The proposed combination makes up the bundle named VintaSoft ...

VintaSoftImaging.NET SDK 4.2 (by: VintaSoft Ltd.)
Downloads 21  Views 1482

VintaSoftImaging.NET SDK is the impressive and easy-to-use imaging toolkit for .NET software developer. The SDK allows you to view, edit, convert, annotate, print, save images and PDF files. Extended work with multipage TIFF without temporary files. ...

CLICKUICONTROL 1.0 (by: Jiro Doke)
Downloads 2   Views 174

CLICKUICONTROL(H) behaves as if clicking on a UIControl object. The object can be one of the following: pushbutton, checkbox, radiobutton, togglebutton, slider, listbox, popupmenu. The Value property of the object will be appropriately set, and the object's ...

.netECOMMERCE Software for ASP.NET (by:
Downloads 2   Views 505

Your source for a fully featured shopping cart, multi-processor real-time payment processing component with native processor support, real-time shipping rating and tracking, live currency exchange, country IP mapping, dynamic button generation and more!

Downloads 2  Views 478

Java Calendar Component ready to use in Swing applications provides:- simple and documented interface (Swing style)- ready to use with hands-on sample code- skins styles support- combo box (date selection edit/button) support- multiple date selection- ...

SQL/XML-IMDB 1.1 (by: QuiLogic Inc.)
Downloads 5   Views 315

QuiLogic has developed SQL/XML-IMDB, a high performance in-memory native xml database component with SQL and XQuery interface, transaction and multi-threading support. Available as NET Assembly, ActiveX, DLL and LIB component including ANSI as well as ...

Herb File Selector 1.0.4 (by: Herberto GradoTza)
Downloads 1  Views 330

A component to select a file to download using up to 4 selection criteria, in 4 selection drop down menus.I use it in my school website to make the all the final grades available. For example, the user would choose the year, the level and the class he ...

AspLib - ColorPicker 4.6 (by: Astyron Digital)
Downloads 10  Views 936

This component is AspLib component library part. The ColorPicker is an ASP.NET Server Control for adding visual color selection to your web forms by simply dragging the control from your ToolBox. This component works in Internet Explorer, Opera and Mozilla.

csASPGif 2.0 (by: Chestysoft)
Downloads 21  Views 1094

ASP Component / COM object to create, edit and manipulate multi-frame animated GIFs. Read GIFs from disk, data stream or remote URL, save to disk or export to the browser. Comprehensive functions allow for setting frame properties such as delay and dispose ...

Downloads 21  Views 1164

NET is a fast and powerful ZIP, GZip, TAR, TGZ compression component for .NET framework. It lets you easily create zip files, extract files from zip archives to hard drive, add files to a zip archive, replace, move and delete files. You can also read ...

Style Report (by:
Downloads 4   Views 358

Designed as an integrated enterprise reporting and analytic solution for multi-tier architectures, Style Report is ideal for use as the centralized information portal or as a component in your Intranet and Internet infrastructures. Standard J2EE drop-in-deployment ...

Downloads 1  Views 382

Absolute Color Picker ActiveX Control is a component that includes color selection for different color modes and gradient filling dialogs. It is designed with simplicity in mind and could be easily integrated into most of contemporary IDEs. Extensive ...

Linear Slider 1 4 (by: Michael Isaev)
Downloads 5   Views 216

A simple component that simplifies for user entering of numeric values, performing range selection. Setting min and max range limits in applets parmeters, it is also possible to set precision (1, 0.1, ...) and text for it. min/max markers are can be ...

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