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Encode Decode ASCII Binary 1.1 (by: Fahad Al Mahmood)
Downloads 1  Views 239

Very simple program to convert regular ASCII text to a block of binarry numbers and vise versa. Just run the following commands to view an example:encode('test.txt','binary.txt')decode('binary.txt','ascii.txt')



Downloads 6  Views 495

This programs shows how to read data back from the Agilent/HP 8753/8720 Series Network Analyzers using FORM4 (ASCII) string format.

Downloads 2   Views 446

This code converts any ASCII text file (notepad, MATLAB-m files, etc) into images.Screen shot is the image being converted from a notepad file that had the story - Christmas Carol.

Wysiwyg ASCII Math 6.x-1.1 (by: Ilya Ivanchenko)
Downloads 3   Views 371

Wysiwyg ASCII Math is a Wysiwyg editor plugin that adds ASCII math and ASCII graphs.Currently supports only Drupal-6.0 and TinyMCE.Requires Wysiwyg API.Note: Updated to work with Wysiwyg API 2009-05-19 (editors moved to sites/all/libraries).

Boosty's ASCII Artist 1.4.1 (by: Sebastian R+Tbke)
Downloads 301  Views 3292

This small class converts images into some kind of ASCII art. Black/white and colour modes for rendering are available. Requires the GD library. Source, Demo and API Doc available for download. Boosty's ASCII Artist ASCII Artist is a PHP class to convert ...

Daboo Local Search 1.0 (by: David Dienhart)
Downloads 7  Views 725

Bot Indexes your site and generates an ASCII database based on the content of your Title, Keywords, and Description tags and page content. Ranking system returns clean and accurate search results. Easy to setup, use, and it's fast. Dienhart > software ...

Downloads 3   Views 268

Transforming a string into ASCII code using int() and the 'while' loop. Good for beginners in programming and C++.

ASCII Code Table (by:
Downloads 5   Views 363

A handy ASCII table useful for displaying special characters on a webpage.

PDF-to-Text (by:
Downloads 14  Views 1021

PDF-to-Text is a program to convert PDF documents into ASCII text format with a minimum loss of formatting information.

AAlib 1.1 (by: Jan Hubicka)
Downloads 1  Views 225

AAlib is an portable ascii art GFX library.

ASCII Graphics BlackJack 1.1 (by: John Shedletsky)
Downloads 3  Views 390

The interesting thing about it is the routines written to display some of the less common ASCII symbols to draw the cards.

Bovine Roulette Script 1.1 (by: Brian W. Baugh)
Downloads 7  Views 318

This is an updated version of the original Bovine Roulette, but with ASCII graphics, and a few more improvements.

Forgotten Heroes 0.4.15 (by: Lars Fischmann)
Downloads 3   Views 258

Forgotten Heroes is an unfinished RPG, made with color text and ASCII graphics.

AEWAN for Graphics and Animations (by: Bruno T. C. de Oliveira)
Downloads 3  Views 244

Aewan is a multi-layered ascii-art/animation editor that produces both stand-alone cat-able art files and an easy-to-parse format for integration in your terminal applications.It is primarily designed for Linux, although it currently also compiles under ...

Downloads 3   Views 257

This zip file contains two functions: STR2BIN converts an ASCII text string to a vector of binary values, and BIN2STR converts a vector of binary values back to an ASCII text string.

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