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This is the second part of creating Web-based admin user interface. This tutorial covers adding and deleting users via Web form using a MySQL database.



Universal Admin 1 (by: Manoj Agarwal)
Downloads 4   Views 353

Univesal Admin gives you full site administration capabilities right from the browser. Once authenticated, you get a shell prompt right inside the browser (or as close as it can possibly get). Additionally, you get a file upload option. Being HTTP this ...

Downloads 9  Views 528

Page-peel PHP Script allow you to add, delete and manage Peel-away-ads campaigns through the back-end admin panel, put in the target URL, place your own graphic -> place add code anywhere - DONE ! The zeepeel peelawayads PHP Script generates high ...

1st Network Admin 3 6 (by: Ixis Ltd)
Downloads 2   Views 591

1st Network Admin offers a comprehensive protection for Windows-based network workstations under a public environment. It lets you restrict access to almost every corner of Windows for all PC workstations you have in your network, apply executable patches ...

Downloads 12  Views 954

The Multi Store - Multi Admin osCommerce Template (commercial grade) comes as a full install with many additional features that take it from a standard ecommerce package and turns it into the 800 pound gorilla. Additional Features include: Multi Store, ...

Downloads 4   Views 334

SECURE-TSPlayer Admin allows a complete administration of the audio player SECURE-TSPlayer from user's website.Features- You can generate a new SECURE-TSPlayer to insert it in any of your pages on your website.- You can modify the MP3 playlist for any ...

ST Admin Protection 1.0.0 (by: Shayne Thiessen)
Downloads 1  Views 295

This plugin blocks everyone but the admin from accessing the WordPress Admin. It will redirect the user to your 404 error page if they do not have access to the admin. Your theme will need to have a 404 error page setup.Installation Unzip plugin files ...

Adopt Admin for Scripts 1.0 (by: New-Place.Org)
Downloads 2   Views 275

The user can create a list of fanlistings up for adoption in the easy-to-use, password-protected admin panel, and an application form is dynamically generated.The applications are stored in the database and you can review them, highlight choice applicants, ...

Firewall Admin 0.4 (by: Anonymous)
Downloads 3  Views 279

Firewall Admin, web administration tool to manage linux netfilter (iptables) rules

CMS Admin 1.0 (by: Anonymous)
Downloads 1  Views 367

The goal of CMS Admin is to create an online course management system for college classes that will enable professors and students to communicate more efficiently.

Postfix Admin 2.3.1 (by: Wietse Venema,PHP Group and MYSQL AB)
Downloads 1   Views 272

Postfix Admin is a Web Based Management tool created for Postfix. It is a PHP based application that handles Postfix Style Virtual Domains and Users that are stored in MySQL or PostgreSQL.Features of Postfix Admin:- MySQL or PostgreSQL database support- ...

Downloads 3   Views 277

Php Virtual Admin for Postfix, web interface for postfix administration.This interface is for configuring, administration of virtual domains in postfix with pgsql backend.It can configure domains(add,delete,modify), virtual emails(add,modify,delete) ...

Downloads 1  Views 288

Buddypress Admin Bar is great, but often difficult to modify. The objective is to allow the wordpress website admin an easy solution to changing the look and feel of the BuddyPress Admin Bar. Also allowing access to add and remove the menus shown will ...

Ext JS Admin Menu 0.1 (by: W.Regenczuk)
Downloads 5   Views 263

This is very simple plugin that alter wordpressd¬DSdu awfull admin menu into the nice, drop-down Ext JS one. The plugin includes a part of Ext JS 2.0 RC1. Both plugin and Ext JS library are distributed under LGPL 3.0 license.Installation : 1. Upload ...

Downloads 5   Views 263

Under Construction Admin Color Scheme is a visual throwback to the early days of the Web, when spirits were high, no-one used Internet Explorer, and those annoying "Under Construction" graphics were all over the place.With strong blacks, bright ...

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