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Ad Peeps - fast banner and text ad management software is Unix compatible. Ad Peeps is fast and reliable PHP/mySQL based, banner and text ad management program that supports 11 banner sizes, rich-media ads, and text links. Designed not to use heavy server ...



A.M.Y. Ad Management Software 1.0 (by: Calendarscripts)
Downloads 104  Views 1786

is light and easy to use ajax-based ad management software that lets you sell ads on your sites. A.M.Y. can do everything you need: Create unlimited advertising zones, Rotating or non-rotating ads, banner ads, text link ads, and HTML, Flat (time-based), ...

Ad Management Software - SmartASP Ad 1 18 (by:
Downloads 9  Views 899

SmartASPAd is a web-based ad management software helps website owners or webmasters plan and manage their ad campaigns. Free Ad Management Software - SmartASP Ad

Smart ASPad 1 18 (by:
Downloads 3  Views 709

SmartASPAd is a web-based ad management software helps website owners or webmasters plan and manage their ad campaigns. Free Ad Management Software - SmartASP Ad

Ad Banner Engine 1.0 (by:
Downloads 15  Views 624

Ad Banner Engine is a complete system to rotate banners across multiple sites. All logging is done using a MySQL database (required), and it provides daily stats, as well as historical stats. It can rotate an unlimited number of banners or you can use ...

Ban Man Pro Ad Serving Software 5.0 (by:, LLC)
Downloads 1  Views 445

Ban Man Pro ad server software is utilized to manage and rotate advertisements on your web site and send traffic to other sites. If you are looking to send traffic to your site, please view our affiliate program software called Affiliate Wiz. Our ad ...

Downloads 6  Views 595

Ban Man Pro is an Internet banner management software tool for rotating banner ads and tracking statistics such as impressions and click-thru rates. Ban Man Pro will greatly simplify the process of managing and rotating banners on your web site(s). Many ...

Ad Eagle Suite 1.0 (by: Barry Veinotte)
Downloads 53  Views 1431

Ad Eagle Suite is a complete, feature packed advertising management system. More than just banner software, with banner, text, Rich Media and HTML ads, Ad Eagle Suite has what you need if you want to keep your advertising management in house. Management ...

Ad Peeps 6.6.3 (by: IMPACT Software Company)
Downloads 43  Views 1360

Ad Peeps is a banner rotator and text ad rotator - all in one that allows you to track a variety of image ads, rich-media/flash ads and different styled, text ads on your website. Provides highly detailed statistics to you and your advertisers and capable ...

Ad Server Solutions 3.1.4 (by:
Downloads 79  Views 1455

Ad Server Solutions provides ad management software applications and remotely hosted ad serving services. Ad Server Solutions will greatly simplify the process of managing and rotating rich media ads on your web sites. Using our software will help Lower ...

Advert Pro 3.0 (by:
Downloads 2  Views 419

AdvertPRO is professional ad software, an advertising delivery and management application capable of serving and tracking all of your online ad and banner management needs. Is extensive online tracking and reporting not only a desire, but a necessity ... Banner Exchange (by:
Downloads 5  Views 403

Free targeted banner exchange, 2:1 ratio, 500 free credits.

SmartASPAd 1.18 (by:
Downloads 21  Views 1285

SmartASPAd is a Web based ad management software. Features: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) supported. Administrators can enable this feature with just a simple mouse click; Infinite campaigns, groups and categories can be created with just two to three simple ...

Downloads 1  Views 516

A new way to advertise with Google AdSense™ and ad or banner rotators. With Advert-Rotator™ rotating Google AdSense™, ad or banners you can persuade your visitors to click on the advertisings you are showing ...

X-cart Ad/Banner Module 1 (by: Carrie Saunders)
Downloads 2   Views 395

Statistics are gathered for banner impressions and click-throughs.

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