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A code generator which creates customized cut-and-paste JavaScript drop-down jump menus. Customizations include the menu's background color, text color, width (in pixels or percentage), number of options, and which option to select by default.



WP Jump Menu 2.2.4 (by: jkrill)
Downloads 2   Views 339

The WP Jump Menu plugin is a useful plugin that adds a drop-down "jump" menu to the bottom or top of the WordPress admin area filled with pages, posts, and custom post types. When a page or post is selected, it jumps to edit that page.Why is ...

Downloads 3  Views 563

Allows visitors to instantly create customized cut-and-paste code through simple forms, Generators include a popup window creator, HTML table builder, CSS stylesheet generator, and a drop down jump menu maker.

Downloads 101  Views 1514

The DHTML Drop Down JavaScript Menu is cross browser compatible and highly customizable. You will be quickly adding a powerful menu navigation aid to web sites, help systems, documentation, intranets and much more. Active DHTML Drop Down Menu in JavaScript ...

Drop Down Select Menu 02 1.0 (by:
Downloads 1  Views 386

Hot drop-down select menu with unlimited items and scroll. It's a breeze to customize and obtain the desired look and function. It can either trigger flash events or open urls, your call. Tons of customisation options makes this a must-have file. It ...

Downloads 2  Views 581

Jddm (java Drop Down Menu) - Web Menu is a multi-platform compatible. JDDM (Java Drop Down Menu) is a drop down java menu applet, a comprehensive solution for website navigation. JDDM (Drop Down Menu) is a drop down menu java applet, a comprehensive ...

Downloads 4   Views 469

An advanced AWT Pop-Up & drop down side menu bar to make a professional java web menu bar for your site. Menus can pop up over HTML content, frames and even go over the browser window. The Advanced AWT Pop-Up Side Menu Bar can even execute javascript ...

Mapb menu 0.9 (by:
Downloads 3   Views 341

Mapb menu is a multi-platform compatible drop-down dhtml menu system. "You are Here" feature, easy localization of current page. Multiple levels. Multiple menus per page, vertical and horizontal positions, right and left direction, background ...

mapbMenu (by:
Downloads 1  Views 317

mapbMenu is a drop down dhtml menu script. Main features: multiple levels, multiple menus per page, vertical and horizontal positions, right and left direction, Frames support, background images. 'You are here' feature. Links can do pop-up and javascript ...

Downloads 16  Views 527

This is a cool drop down text menu that is has a lot of customisation options. It can theoretically host an unlimited number of items and it supports scrolling if the number of items exceeds the designated height (set in the xml file). All the colors ...

Dropdown Select Menu 01 1.0 (by:
Downloads 5  Views 337

This is a versatile and useful drop-down select menu that is easy to customize and implement in your project. Supports scrolling of the items in the drop-down if the number of display items (setting) is smaller than the number of total items in the drop-down.

JDDM (Drop Down Menu) (by:
Downloads 5   Views 532

JDDM is a professional java drop-down and popup Web Menu applet, a comprehensive solution for website navigation. JDDM is browser-independent and highly-configurable, it could be easily customized to fit your website needs and to achieve an unlimited ...

Apycom Drop Down Menu (by:
Downloads 1  Views 511

Apycom Drop Down Menu is an extremely powerful drop-down menu solution for your web site navigation. In contrast to other drop down menus available in Web, the this menu can overlap not only HTML contents but also can pop up over form elements, frames, ...

Downloads 2  Views 559

Active Dhtml Drop Down Menu In Java Script is a multi-platform compatible script that allows you to quickly be adding a great drop down menu navigation aid to web sites, help systems, documentation, intranets and much more. Advanced yet both Easy and ...

Downloads 4   Views 612

This is an XML based Drop Down Menu with URL linking through XML file. Each menu item as well as menu titles can be linked with corresponding URL’s to be opened in new browser windows. You can add unlimited number of menu titles as well as unlimited ...

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