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Wapuploader provides a simple user interface where users can upload files to a webserver. The user will then recieve an ID that should be entered on a wap page. Your phone will then start to download the uploaded file. Wapuploader 1.1 by Lars...



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View your Adsense earnings from your mobile phone, anywhere, anytime. Wapsense is a php script available for download in a zip file. Wapsense - View your Adsense Earnings from your Mobile Phone Wapsense, view your Adsense earnings from your mobile...

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WapCoMail PRO software is written only in Php, easy to install on every web server and it is used to open e-mail boxes from mobile phones with WAP. With PRO version you can open emails from all email's folders, compose new messages, delete emails...

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WAPbuddy is designed to a very, very simple way of building a mini WAPsite to upload ringtones and whatnot your cellphone. No database or setup is required -- only a host that can handle PHP. V1.2 adds support for the Sharp GSX10 Mobile. jon roig...

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This is a simple Flash Text Chat if you launch it on your desktop browser. But try it with your wap-enabled mobile phone or other wap device. The chat allows wap-chatters to talk to other wap-chatters as well as web-chatters. It also allows...

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WAP based email system that connects either via POP3 or IMAP. Free version allows browsing all emails contained with in the INBOX of an IMAP or POP3 local email account. The commercial version allows connection to remote mail servers and reply to...

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Spix MobileMail enables users to view and send their e-mail from any wap enabled device. Spix.com - Online since 1997

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To provide real-time mobile phone accessible project monitoring and information system based on dotproject by www.dotmarketing.org. This wapplet is developed using WinWAP emulator. Usability has been our priority while writing this application....

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Get your e-mail anywhere you go. With Momail you can simply read your mail from any mail-server on any wap enabled device. A single file does it all. Some features are: multiple number of providers, IMAP and POP3 both secure and non-secure, any...

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If you already have WAP4Mambo running on your server and the Simpleboard component running on your main site, this is an add-on to display the last 5 posts to you forum on your wap site. media-finder.co.uk

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Hazard WAP Redirection (formerly known as Spitz WAP Redirection) is a simple script that detects your browser version, whether wap or web, and redirects you to two different pages. It is simple to understand, easy to use and effective. Joe Jacobs

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Fastwap is an easy to set up an use linkmanager for WAP. You can administrate your links via your webbrowser and access them with your mobile phone, where you only have to type in one link as your favorites. Everyone can create a useraccount to...

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HAWHAW stands for HTML and WML Hybrid Adapted Webserver and is a PHP class library for universal mobile applications. HAWHAW supports output of the following markup languages: HTML, XHTML, WML, cHTML (iMode), VoiceXML and MML. Welcome to HAWHAW

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There are a couple of WAP browser detectors, however this script uses a simple debugging tool written by myself to identify the browser name so you can include it in the list. The main browser detection script is shared by several sources, however...

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To provide real-time mobile-phone-accessible healthcare information system based on CARE 2002 Integrated Information System for Hospitals and Health Care Organizations and Services, www.care2x.com. Coolbit coolbit, superfluidity quantum computer

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