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Rassmalog is a static blog engine based on YAML, eRuby, and Rake. It transforms blog entries written in Textile or other formatting systems into valid XHTML files that you can view on your computer or upload to your website. * Development Status:...



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Ozimodo is a Ruby on Rails powered tumblelog.It features:- A billion different post types, caching, tagging- Inline Ajaxy editing of posts- RSS/Atom feeds - flexibility (use it as a moblog, a real blog, or your own crazy hybrid).

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Kofblog is a blogging software for groups trying to stay in touch.

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Squib is a weblog publishing application influenced by Radio Userland.Squib renders a weblog as a set of static pages and publishes them to either a Radio Community Server, FTP or SFTP server where they can be served up by Apache.

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RubLog is a simple weblog server.It supports multiple, pluggable input formats (currently supported are Ruby's RDoc, HTML, and plain text) It can operate from either standard hierarchies of flatfilcan operaom a CVS repository.

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XML is a critical ingredient in peer-to-peer information sharing schemes, including grid computing, instant messaging, and Web services. This article explores the cutting-edge efforts intended to create a unified P2P fabric based on adaptations of...

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Socket programming in MFC is usually a bit messy. It's always clean and convenient to write the socket programs using Win32. A big advantage writing these programs in Win32 is, we can follow the same model as in any Unix C++ socket program. Also,...

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XML Schema is one of the most important facets of Web Services. It is the ultimate type system; however it is also really arcane to learn a figure out how to leverage. Drill into what's important for you understand in order to get the most out of...

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This paper proposes a number of type-system and language extensions to natively support relational and hierarchical data within a statically typed object-oriented setting. In our approach SQL tables and XML documents become first class citizens...

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This example demonstrates a nice an easy way to databing an an XML Document to an ASP.NET drop down control.

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Learn PHP through lessons and examples that are based on plausible real world applications. Also contained on tizag.com is a MySQL tutorial to aid you in your PHP/MySQL knowledge. Learn the basics of programming in PHP with Tizag.com

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A Sample Chapter from Early Adopter VoiceXML. This chapter examines the use of the Extensible Stylesheet Language for Transformations (XSLT) as a tool for the generation of VoiceXML. I intend to illustrate a complete, end-to-end example of...

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XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO) are the second half of the Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL). XSL-FO is an XML application that describes how pages will look when presented to a reader. A style sheet uses the XSL transformation language to...

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This snippet demonstrates uses the "Singles Online" dating application to demonstrate some of most common functionality found in business applications. a) Filtering b) Sorting by column header (ascending or descending) and c)...

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XML and JSP are two of the hottest buzzwords these days. This article shows how you can use these two technologies together to make a dynamic Website. You also get a look at code examples for DOM, XPath, XSL, and other Java-XML techniques.

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The goal of this article is to teach you how to use the ClientSocket and ServerSocket classes in your own applications.

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This tutorial will outline the steps to create such a discussion board, teaching you a number of things on the way.

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This simple tutorial shows you how to write form data to MySQL database using PHP. Includes a sample code and instructions.

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The full URL to a page comes in three parts: The domain name, the path to the file then the filename, and the query string. For example, take the URL http://www.example.com/ex ample/page.php?name=Bob: 1. The domain name: www.example.com; 2. The...

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this article is a tutorial on how to use php to:1. Connect to a mysql database2. Execute standard SQL statements against the mysql database. Find Free Online Education Course, Debt Consolidation and more at Devdreams.com. Get the best of Personal...

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XML data binding for Java is a powerful alternative to XML document models for applications concerned mainly with the data content of documents. This article by an enterprise Java expert introduces data binding and discusses what makes it so...

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Tutorial and code that shows how to create RSS Reader for your website with code.

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This paper will identify XML and XSLT as ideal tools for separating content and presentation, and show how these technologies can be used to overcome the inherent difficulties associated with the presentation of data to devices with limited...

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This introduction to XML presents the Extensible Markup Language at a reasonably technical level for anyone interested in learning more about structured documents. In addition to covering the XML 1.0 Specification, this article outlines related...

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Essential XML Quick Reference is for anyone working with today's mainstream XML technologies. It was specifically designed to serve as a handy but thorough quick reference that answers the most common XML-related technical questions.It goes beyond...

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Traditional HTML forms violate many of the tenets of good markup language design, frequently mixing presentation and data. This article introduces you to XForms, an extension of XHTML that represents the next generation of Web forms. Though XForms...

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In this tutorial, you'll be introduced to Ajax, a technology that allows you to send these requests through small JavaScript calls, meaning the user doesn't have to wait for the page to refresh.

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ASP.NET Training : Dynamic Image control - In this tutorial you will learn how to create Dynamic Image Control, DynamicImage Control Properties and Custom Parameters. The DynamicImage control derives from the DynamicImageBase which is in turn...

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One of the really cool features with PHP 3.0 is its integration with the GD Graphics library. Learn how to use these features and make images with pure code.

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Many artists independent of big media concerns seek to collaborate with others and make their work more widely available. They are often willing to offer less restrictive contractual terms than those that consumers have recently been forced to...

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