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Today's world is a fast competitive world where every second in the business process counts. The currently working real estate companies have a very orthodox and lengthy procedure for booking of the properties. The clerical staff has to record...



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It's powerful ASP.NET directory software. Gportal also can be used to manage news online. News manager functions can be used to publish content on a directory service. New Gportal System contains a well developed load balancing system. Software...

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XTemplate.Net is an ASP.Net library much like PHP XTemplate. XTemplate.Net is NOT a port of the popular PHP XTemplate but rather a .Net version of a template engine much like it. Templates that work for PHP XTemplate will work with XTemplate.Net...

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We offer several modules with our portal solution to fit your needs. Please visit our online demo to try out software before you buy. Web Portal Software, Portal Building Software : SEP City

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Passage Portal .NET provides portal and content management features right out of the box. Highly and secure and reliable. Ideal for extranet or web site portals. Develop portlets using Visual Studio.NET. Source code examples included. Cubic...

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The IBuySpy Portal Solution Kit demonstrates how you can use ASP.NET along with the Microsoft .NET Framework to build intranet and Internet portal applications. The sample shows off many key features available with ASP.NET and also provides a best...

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Easy as 1-2-3 to set up (only three steps to be up and running) 100% browser based content managemet, many new and enhanced modules including: news - content scraper, enhanced news & article manager, inline documents - simple blog tool,...

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The GMP Instant Portal - Website is precompiled so all you have to do is copy files, add a database from our included files, add a few things to the web.config and you are and running! Many new modules and enahancements,. Less than 15 minutes...

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