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jportsui 1.8.17 Java based, graphical user interface to MacPorts 2.0+


Disable Alt F4 4.1 Aims to protect people from jokes that involve the ATL + F4 shortcut


QuickPlot 1.1.4 Simple user interface for gnuplot aimed for reflectometry data


Madedit-Mod 4.8 MadEdit-Mod is a cross platform Text/Hex editor based on MadEdit


htmLawed 1.2.2-25 PHP code to purify & filter HTML


SimpleTextFormatter 3.1 STF automatically generates documentation


TXM 4 Unicode-XML-TEI text/corpus analysis platform


Rescatux 0.41b1 Easy to use Repair distribution for both Gnu/Linux and Windows systems


exome-test 3.4 script for variant calling of Exome-Seq


NextFractal 2.0.0 Application for creating fractals and other generated images



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