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Start your own Online Football Manager - Without programming skills. With HSE WebSoccer-Sim your website visitors can lead a virtual football team and play with it against other users. They set the tactics for the next match, trade players, train...



Downloads 121  Views 1454

Start your own poker site today! Downloading is not necessary due to the online nature of the OnlinePokerScript System!

Downloads 19  Views 794

Savage Lands is a web based rpg game. It is made with php/mysql/html/ and java script.

Downloads 17  Views 735

Spirit of Gaia as it called this project is a fantasy role-playing game project made for internet browsers using PHP, JS , HTML and MySQL.

Downloads 6  Views 639

Blue Sea will be a turn based mmorpg set in the underwater. It will be written in PHP and MySql, and use browsers as an interface.

Downloads 3  Views 478

WebAtlantis is WWW-based front end to the original Atlantis written by Tommi Ronkainen in 2001.The game consists of the original game engine, separate report interpreter written in Perl and WWW-based remote interface written in PHP.Instead of the...

Downloads 9  Views 454

Full Immersion RPG is a PHP- and MySQL- driven Roleplaying Game.Unlike many other RPGs available, this one is very involving character-wise, while maintaining the ability to add new content without difficulty.

Downloads 4  Views 358

Gamercad-Lib is a PHP class that retrieves data from gamercards of XboxLive.It can extract: avatar, gamerscore, all games played (image, title & url), last 4 achievements of last game played, current status, gamerzone and much more!.You need...

Downloads 2  Views 312

n8chessnet is a customizable/themed online web-based chess server software for playing chess with other people. It is PHP based using MySQL. It is also easy to install and use.

Downloads 27  Views 571

Open Tournament System is a full tournament engine that supports modular additions of new tournament types. It features team,single, and draft tournaments. Engine is entirely coded in PHP.

Downloads 6  Views 444

This application allows you to create a website for the management of online game leagues.It is written in PhP/mySQL. Originally implemented for the management of a BZflag league. The code is generic, so that it may be used for other game styles.

Downloads 3  Views 387

WebChess is an open source chess application which will allow you to play chess over the internet.Features: User Interface- Web chess has a graphical user interface. Just click to highlight the piece you want to move, then click the square to move...

Downloads 1  Views 289

masest is a dynamic browser game written in php, offering all the possibilities of changing the game everytime with an easy-to-learn administration system.

Downloads 1  Views 378

Deep Dungeons is the first game developped in Php-Gtk. It is a classic 2D RPG Game.It works under Win32 and Linux, and just with php and phpgtk.

Downloads 3  Views 392

Vermilion is a turn based, web-browser, fantasy MMORPG written in PHP and MySQL (but may work with many other databases) with Smarty Template Engine, ADOdb and PHP Mailer.Based on Vallheru version 1.0 with many modyfications in speed and features.

Downloads 3  Views 347

phpSoldner is a set of PHP scripts to query the Soldner - Secret Wars Portal Server.It displays a list of gameservers currently online. It can query single servers to generate information about a specific server and its hosted players.

Downloads 3  Views 318

sChess creates an easy to use chess that runs in your browser that you can use to play against other people in real time. sChess includes:- Nice clean DHTML chess board, click to pick up and place pieces.- Move validation- Handles check/checkmate,...

Downloads 8  Views 371

PHP MMORPG is a PHP, MySQL and AJAX ( asynchronous javascript and xml ) MMORPG ( massivley multipyater online rpg ) framework design framework from any browser with appropriate javascript support.

Downloads 1  Views 572

REMLAB Web Mech Designer is a fully functional cross-platform web-based BattleMech designer for the tactical board game Battletech. REMLAB is built entirely on HTML, PHP, and javascript with Ajax functionality.REMLAB requires a web server (locally...

Downloads 1  Views 328

phpArmory is a PHP class library that can easily fetch and unserialize World of Warcraft Armory XML data into structured associative arrays.The phpArmoryCache class fully supports both flat files and mysql caching of any and all "fetch"...

Downloads 1  Views 332

Webacces is an Open-Source project designed to administrate Half-Life & MODs game servers (now, only the mod Counter-Strike is supported) via a Web Interface.It's using an Admin Mod Plugin to get infos about the server and players, and a PHP...

Downloads 1  Views 349

EyeX ROCP is a Ragnarok Online Control Panel.EyeX ROCP Features:CP Administration:- Admin Panel- Lateral Blocks Admin- News Admin- Preferences Admin- No File Edit Required- Publicity Banners- Skin System- blocks/addons systemRank Systems:-...

Downloads 11  Views 483

Ether MMORPG is a PHP-based MMORPG that is designed to provide an environment in which players can battle, quest, trade, and enter tournaments for in-game prizes.

Downloads 2  Views 406

GameQ is a library to query one or more gameservers using UDP and return the formatted results in an array. It's object-oriented, and easily expandable.GameQ has recently been completely rewritten, and is still in the alpha phase.It currently...

Downloads 6  Views 358

The project PoKeQuesT is to create a Pokemon MMORPG.The Server itself is being written in PHP and free to download and modify, whereas the client is being written in C with a library so that it can be compiled for multiple OSes.

Downloads 3  Views 410

StorySGML/StoryEdit are tools to aid masters and players in the creation, documentation and publishing of RPG/LARP stories.It is bases on a SGML documents and includes tools for processing them into different formats, and a Web UI (StoryEdit) in...

Downloads 1  Views 349

This is a RPG game writen in php using a sql db (currently just MySQL) and the GD library.The aim of this game is to create a world that the player controls by trading and creating civilizations with the help of other users.

Downloads 2  Views 329

This script provides you a web interface for manage Half-life game server; this interface uses MySQL and amx plugins for communicate with the server. You can manage many servers from the interface.

Downloads 1  Views 364

Minesweeper for PHP is the PHP port of the popular Minesweeper game that comes bundled with Windows. All the player needs is a browser, so anybody can play.

Downloads 8  Views 369

This browsergame is written in PHP and Mysql. At the beginning the player gets a small proportion on the earth. The player has to build some units to defend his property against enemies.Tactical War is played via the normal browser. The server...

Scripts 1-30 of 267
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