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This script will easily allow you to add an input mask to a textbox.The mask for a phone number could look like this for example "(###) ###-####".



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Dates are validated and formatted in your form.Supports over a dozen different date formats, and formats the date properly in United States or European date formatting styles depending on how the script is configured.A dateCheck function also is...

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This function will automatically select 'no' in one dropdown if 'yes' is selected in the other and vice versa, regardless of which dropdown is changed.This will make it impossible to select the same option for both dropdowns (as long as javascript...

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You can use this script with your forms to make sure all the fields are filled in.Any fields that are left empty, or are not properly filled in, will be highlighted in red. Fields that are filled in correctly will be properly formatted.

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This script prevents the "early submitting" of forms by disabling the Return Key in simple Input Tags and allowing it in TextAreas.

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This script allows you to jump to any value in a drop down list.In this example, it searches for a value between 'a1' and 'a15'. It saves time when it comes to navigating within long pul saves tinus.

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KeyBoard Input script allows your visitors to fill in a form field using a dynamic keyboard popup.

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This script allows checkboxes to be checked and unchecked based on the selection in another checkbox. If the ALL box is checked, all the other choices go unchecked.If another choice is checked, then the ALL box goes unchecked.It is useful when...

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This script limits the time allowed for a user to input text in a form field.

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In this order form, the cost for each item is totaled as the items are selected and deselected.

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This script allows you to copy the shipping address fields to the billing address using a checkbox.It is very simple and easy to implement.

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A code box where users can edit code and preview their results all on the same page.A great way to offer your code snippets to your visitors.

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This script allows you to create a survey asking people to rank things, and this script will validate that everything is ranked, and no rankings are repeated.It could be adapted into a puzzle or game.

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This script copies the text in a box in the left frame into a box in the right frame when a button is clicked. This is a clever way to pass values in frames.

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Color Picker Widget is an advanced color picker script that can be easily integrated into any form field(s).Based on YUI's Color Picker, it extends it with the following user friendly features:- Ability to display the Color Picker either inline on...

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With this script you can highlight and copy text in a textarea box with the click of a button.

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This script checks that postcodes are in correct format.It is written for UK format, but could be easily adapted for other countries.

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This script validates dates in your form using an universal algorithm.It will work with any date format and the code is fully commented for easy nbsp;workion.

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This script prevents you from selecting the same choice when choosing from two different pulldown menus.

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Standardista Table Sorting is a javascript module that lets you sort a HTML data table by any column.The module has the following advantages: - The codebase has been tested across a large number of web browsers, and in the few that wond-deOaot...

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Prevent your visitors from modifying the value stored in a textbox (without using input type=hidden)Just try to change the text in the box! Amazingly, it's a short less than one line script!

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This script helps you to stop displaying those annoying alert boxes with your javascript form validation.It uses images to display any error messages to the user

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This is a fixed floating bar which appears on top of a web pageIt is written in jQuery javascript, and will float above page content on the bottom of a browser window.It has three modes: collapsed, light expanded version and full view.Inside the...

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This script places the cursor in the first field of a form when the page loads and when the form is reset or cleared.The script works with input types: text, textarea, radio, checkbox, password and Select drop-down boxes.

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This script allows your visitors to select a day from the current month.They get a pulldown menu containing the entire month and the current day is already selected!

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This code generates a simple form that contains a check box and a text box.A visitor won't be able to enter anything into the text box unless the check box is activated.

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This script offers your users the ability to check or uncheck multiple boxes on a form.

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This script prevents the user from selecting a filename with a space (known to cause problems with some CGI-scripts). The visitor is informed that the field can not have spaces.

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javascript can remember a list of several items you enter. Just enter an item and click 'Add to List'.When you are finished, click 'Show List' to see the entries.

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You can use this javascript to ensure that visitors do not type in HTML entries.

Scripts 1-30 of 302
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