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SchoolPlus is an online student information system and a complete school management & administration software offered by Bsetec that helps the teachers and parents to keep, track their students and children education progress records...



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With GZ E-Learning Software you can easy manage students, training materials, groups, course, sessions and more. Priority over all other e learning platforms is that GZ E-Learning Platform is 100% Open Source, highly customizable and self hosted.

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Create an amazing Questions and Answers, responsive website with ScriptFolder- Questions and Answers.It has been designed with latest technology and gathering features from Yahoo! Answers, Ask, Quora, answerbag etc. ScriptFolder- Questions and...

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Online learning management system is a php based web application to manage students, courses and quiz. 1) Manage students/users. 2) Manage Courses 3) Course material 4) Homework 5) Quiz 6) PDF certificate 7) Online chat and many more features.

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Imagine the best CMS working with the most innovative LMS - this plug-in brings your dreams to reality! Let’s integrate your WordPress website with the Docebo E-Learning platform, and transform your online portal in the next-generation...

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Trims leading/trailing repeated values of a series of numbersTRIMREPLT(IN) Single input syntax - In : numeric vector/2D matrixTRIMREPLT(IN, DIM) Trims along the dimension specified by dim - dim : scalar, numeric and integer value (or empty) 1...

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Peperiksaan system berasaskan PHP + MySQL to use the school for analyzing the data and insert markup online.Used to produce a landmark decision analysis purposes will follow during the exam. -Malay

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Ganesha is a Learning Management System (LMS) software. It manages the learning process for the trainees and the trainers and handles course administration.Collaboratives tools are also available. AICC, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 compliant.

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PHP Contest System is a Contest system, written on PHP (some executables - on C++) for Programming contests creation. Runs only on Windows. Can use C++, Pascal or Java codes.

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E2Exam: LAMP for the Education is a Free Testing program accessible via web browser.

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LibraryManager is an easy to use software to manage the book loans in a school library or a personal home library.

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Virtual Library for Moodle is a block for Moodle that provides the functionalities (catalog, search, read, etc.) of a library in a virtual environment. -- Bloque para Moodle que provee las funcionalidades (catalogar, buscar, leer, etc.) de una...

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The Student Assignment, Scheduling, and Homework Assistant is a tool designed to help the student manage his or her many assignments to ensure that they are all completed efficiently and on time.

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Want to teach live from Moodle? The plugin Moodle Live Classes and Webinar Plugin from Sclipo allows you to teach live classes, webinars and conferences to up to 100 students with webcam, interactive whiteboard and document sharing.Features of...

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Command School Student Management System, a web based student/school management system.Features of Command School Student Management System:- Completely web based open source student management system- Manage unlimited schools and students-...

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CriaExperimento is a PHP written software for speech sciences to create online experiments.The inputs are sound and text files. It writes a complete webpage in PHP and prepares the form for collecting resulting data in the MySQL database.

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Middle School Homework Page, full-featured PHP/ MySQL electronic homework delivery application designed primarily for middle schools.It has a teacher interface, install wizard, admin interface, student interface and more! A project of the...

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FreeSchool is an open source software for schools: through a web interface it allows to manage circulars, communications, forms, school timetables, scheduled activities, school library, teacher resources.It is complete users/groups authorization...

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osSchool - a school administration system, targeted,not exclusively, at International Schools ( PYP,MYP,DP & IPC,IGCSE).Currently the project osSchool is undergoing a major rewrite. A stable release is expected at the end of August 2009

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AlefMentor (LMS) is a Learning Management System which makes it easy for you to create your online courses and tests. All users of the system can communicate and cooperate with each other.There is no limit on the number of courses, instructors,...

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MyPHPBib is a web application for managing bibliographic references.It can import references in several formats (e.g., EndNote and RIS), as well as importing references directly from PubMed. MyPHPBib is written in PHP and uses MySQL as the database.

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Project research and development of free tools for education. In other words, researches, communicates and developing free software for education. Greetings from Mar del Plata, Argentina!

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Vasp is a project created to create and manage a web-based virtual agenda (ideal for schools).The project is developed using the accepted and widely-supported Open Source language PHP, in conjunction with a MySQL backend.

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Schooladmin, a web based school administration software allowing teacher and students access to grades, absence records and reports. Super flexible grade calculation and evaluation capabilities. Translation approximately 4hr/language, tool...

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Dokeos is an elearning and course management web application, translated in 31 languages, already helping thousands of organisations worldwide to manage e-learning and collaboration activities.It has many tools, is light and flexible, and free...

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Web Interface to Octave allows to run GNU Octave commands from a web browser. Application is written in PHP and needs SQL database.It supports user profiles, user-created functions, scripts.

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Internet Vocabulary Trainer, a simple multi-lingual vocabulary trainer based on MySQL, PHP and javascript.

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IEP-IPP, individual Program Plan / Individualized Education Program software. Manages information on the instructional program for a student with special needs.

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Damn Vulnerable Web App (DVWA) is a PHP/MySQL web application that is damn vulnerable. It's main goals are to be light weight, easy to use and full of vulnerabilities to exploit. Used to learn or teach the art of web application security.Damn...

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DodeboLMS is an e-learning platform for distance learning developed in italy and known as Spaghettilearning, since the 2.0 version the name is changed in DoceboLMS.The Platform supports 18 languages and can support different didactic models....

Scripts 1-30 of 153
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