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Ramui forum script is a free PHP forum script. The earlier version was a simple text based forum script, but version - 2 and above allows registered users to add files with their posts. This script has been developed to meet the requirements of...



Downloads 1   Views 515

PXMBoard (PHP XML/XSLT MySQL) is a php based forum software. It supports smarty and/or xslt as template languages and mysql or postgresql as dbms.

Downloads 4  Views 832

KBoard Forum allows you to install and use a forum on your website. It is a fully featured, lightweight, easy-to-deploy, open source PHP/MySQL Forum.

Downloads 2  Views 480

OrgoWiki2 is a wiki/BBS management system written in PHP, offering multiple areas, user pages,rich markup, internal backwards link, full referer tracking, RSS feeds, a public chat and an internal messaging system.Features:MarkupMultiple areasOW2...

Downloads 4   Views 493

SCARF is a php based system that helps researchers and conference administrators create discussion forums for their papers.It just needs a MySQL backend, a php enabled webserver, and few minutes to set up.

Downloads 5   Views 332

asphorum (written like this, no capitals at all) is meant to be an easy to maintain, very efficient and higly scalable ASP forum. asphorum is scripted using javascript, which proves to be a lot more efficient than VBScript, concerning ASP...

Downloads 1  Views 286

phpMyBoard is a simple noteboard using PHP/MySQL, looking as an IRL noteboard. This message board is easy to install, use and maintain.

Downloads 2  Views 470

PHP-XML mini notice board is a dynamic BBS system that use XML as the storing format.Also, it provides a web administration interface, HTML tags support in news thread, and independent style of each news thread.

Downloads 1  Views 326

PHPForum is a downloadable discussion forum which you can install on your very own server. It has been built with PHP and stores all entries in a MySQL server.It is optimized to provide programmers with a forum who is easy and fast to install....

Downloads 4   Views 517

Open Power Board is created as a system that allows everyone to install his own discussion board on the website. The project is written in PHP 5 and MySQL, however other database support will be also possible. The thing worth pointing out is the...

Downloads 1   Views 344

Mazen's PHP Chat is a completely PHP based Chatsystem.Like other Chatsystems it doesn't use meta-refreshes to pull the chatlines from a MySQL-Server, it does a kind of server-push which continuously streams the Chat-Messages tp the client-browser.

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Yet Another PHP Bulletin Board (YapBB) allows you to set up a forum on your Web siteFeatures:- A fully featured control panel for easy configuring of YapBB after it has been installed.- Full configurability, server-side.- Many user options using a...

Downloads 2   Views 326

Sprocket is an ATTEMPT at efficient databasing on NON-PERSISTENT applications (as opposed to MySQL) as used in the WEB (PHP).Sprockets is manifested in a dual purpose forum-CMS, with heirarchical qualities like inheritence and infinite nesting of...

Downloads 5   Views 331

phpBB convertors convert your present message board to phpBB. Convertors for Invision Power Board, PunBB, PHP-Nuke, vBulletin, xmb and SMF.

Downloads 5   Views 389

This script is designed to take forums posts from one or more forum categories and arrange them in a news format. Currently it works with vBulletin and phpBB.It will display a specified amount of posts on a page, as well as give recent headlines....

Downloads 1  Views 310

BaBB is a Board written in PHP designed for small websites using no Database, only text files. It has the most features of commercial boards with a few new ideas.

Downloads 1  Views 641

phpBB KittenAuth is a modification for phpBB that replaces the CAPTCHA based visual confirmation with a KittenAuth based visual confirmation.The Problem:If you have phpBB (or other popular forum software) installed on your web site, you know the...

Downloads 2  Views 432

Scribe aims to provide an advanced, robust forum platform.Its features provide an interactive and simple forum experience for both the user and administrators. Most importantly, it runs on a flat-file database, which means no messy mySQL database...

Downloads 1  Views 331

phpNet is a light-weight flexible PHP forum based website software package that uses object-oriented programming and a MySQL database.It's purpose is to act as a fast (and free) alternative to other site management programs which are noticably...

Downloads 1   Views 336

IPTBB is a free forum system built using PHP and mysql. It provides you simple administration tools and a has a very intuitive interface.

Downloads 3   Views 263

With AdaptBB the first priority is an adaptable forum system. From a fast-loading frontend and control panel, to a fully editable skinning system, AdaptBB has it all.

Downloads 1  Views 278

xBB-code is the PHP library to parse and edit text formatted with BBCode.

Downloads 2   Views 360

Fcp.Commentator is a single-file, no-database comment script for your web pages.Features:- tiny - under 7.5KB;- fully customizable looks via CSS;- easy setup and maintenance;- simple but effective antispam system.

Downloads 3   Views 283

BuBOL - Bulletin Board Object Library - is a framework of PHP classes to simplify and speed up development of custom web-based forum/bulletin board software, and also make it easier to integrate forums with 3rd party CMS applications.BuBOL is...

Downloads 5   Views 302

Muller is your answer to an extremely fast, customizable messageboard system using PHP and MySQL.The entire source is contained in 2 files. Combined with ease of use and integration capabilities, Muller is the best PHP-based board available.

Downloads 2   Views 250

Shoutr is an ajax shoutbox written in PHP for use on websites. It is very simple to install and use. It is driven by a MySQL database.

Downloads 2  Views 388

School Board script allows you to create a discussion board for schools.Features:- Simple installation procedure- Add/Edit/Remove Readings for classes Unlimited Attachment- Add/Edit/Remove Assignments for classes Unlimited Attachment-...

Downloads 2  Views 279

B-Scribbles strives to improve any PHP webpage. The transparent integration is painless to configure and install.Once in place, any visitor will be able to 'scribble'(post) to a board using a simple, non obtrusive interface. Best of all, the...

Downloads 2  Views 317

PBSite is a Content Management and Forum Software based on PHP.It is based entirely on Flat-File architecture so it does not require any database.Code based upon the Flat-File Forum-Software PBLang.

Downloads 5   Views 365

forum conveniens is a PHP intranet collaboration software.It allows the formation of teams of users, message boards which can be posted to by email or web browser, polls, calendars, project management, file uploads, file submissions from the...

Scripts 1-30 of 229
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