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Max's Countdown system is a simple PHP based script with very easy installation.You only need to define your target date and that's all. The output is refreshed automaticaly using internal javascript. The script uses CSS so changing the style is...



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Digital clock script displays a digital clock on your web page

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JAMP (acronym javascript Ajax Mysql Php) is powerful and fast framework, distributed with GNU licence, in it is enclosed a suit environment for the development WEB applications.

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A widget to display the current time as verbal expression "Zeitansage" is a simple text widget which displays the current time as a verbal expression, rounded to 5-minute precision. Supports English and German.Installation Unzip the...

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Jingho Projects is a free and Open Souorce small business PHP project managemen solution. It allows small business, agencies or freelancers to deal with many different projects at the same time. This project management tool also makes easier for...

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VMOSS (Volunteer Management Open Source Software) is a standalone volunteer management system, providing volunteer and project registration, monitoring, and reporting functionality.It was originally developed as part of the Sahana (LAMP) System.

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ZenMagick is an addition to zen-cart, one of the major Open Source e-Commerce application. ZenMagick provides access to zen-cart features via an object oriented API. It also contains an alternative theme system which offers better separation of...

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PivotX is a tool to create weblogs, without the need of a database. PivotX is easy to setup, easy to maintain and even easier to work with. It is a free and Open Source PHP Blog project.PivotX is a blogging tool - and a pretty brilliant one if you...

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PHP Countdown script allows you to display the time remaining until a specified event.

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Gemibloo is a fully open and very extensible Geo Micro blogging platform.Thanks to its import and export plugins, Geolocation is extracted from pictures sent by mail from mobile phones, displayed on a map, and used to update Twitter & Fire Eagle.

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PHPBEAT is a small PHP class that lets developers add a beat time with date to their homepage. Swatch Internet Time, .beat, is a new time zone independent time format. There are 1000 beats for every 24 hours.

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Do you want to make your website appear newly updated, even when the last update dates weeks back? Instead of showing today's date (which will make visitors suspicous) you can date your last update just a few days back using this function....

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Features: Several timer options, like color and font style, are configurable using an external XML file. All timers come with a DTD file to validate your XML (can be used with most XML editors, like the very popular XML spy). All applets include...

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RGNClock is a nifty little program that displays the current time on your web server in graphical form. Very easy to install on any server, just by using include commands. Calgary Computer Services for Small Business - Eligeo IT - Calgary

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This script gives you all the required code to insert your page load time at the bottom of your pages. Gillys Web Studio | Tutorials Gilly's Web Studio, Webmaster Tutorials, Downloads, Templates, PHP, AJAX, Java, Javascript. Come visit and give...

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Measure PHP execution time using this small and simple script. PHP typically executes very quickly, though some code takes significant time to execute, i.e. retrieving and parsing remote files, image manipulations, complex and/or multiple SQL...

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DATE is a php class performing calculations on dates: for example, number of days (or months, or years) between two dates, days from the beginning of the year and to the end of the year, bisextile year check and more. As well as different format...

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This is a simple PHP script that ensures you can display the local time and/or date, even when your web server is located in a different time zone to the date and/or time you want to display. Ideal in situations such as virtual web hosting....

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International Text Date is a PHP script for displaying the date in your selected language. Currently supported languages include En, Fr, De, Es and Se. FTLS.org: Scripts PHP - International Text Date (Version 1.0)

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International Date is a highly configurable PHP script that allows you to display the current date in a gif image for a selected language. It currently supports En, Fr, De, Es and Se. FTLS.org: Scripts PHP - International Graph Date (Version 1.0)

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Does exactly what it says on the box - it converts a GMT date, entered by a user, in the format 'dd/mm/yyyy' into UTC format and vice versa. A handy tool to have around when testing SQL date-based queries where dates are stored in UTC format....

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This script determines the date using the date()function and then displays an image based on the date found. This script uses a switch statement. Clark Consulting

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By popular demand, our epoch calculator is now available for our members to download and use! Now you can do calculations based on your local timezone, not that of our web server. Frustrated by epoch timestamps? Easily convert any "hour...

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Calculate a date by adding or subtracting a certain number of days. Choose from different outputs. You can change, distribute or even sell the script. Compute Date Php Script

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Analogic Clock is a PHP script for displaying an analog clock on your Web page. It uses the GD library to create the clock image on the fly. FTLS.org: Scripts PHP - Analogic clock (Version 1.0)

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PHP native date functions use integer timestamps for computations. Because of this, dates are restricted to the years 1901-2038 on Unix and 1970-2038 on Windows due to integer overflow for dates beyond those years. This library was developed to...

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This short script works under windows and under linux too. I wrote it for everybody who is looking for a script for showing the date and time internationalized. Easy to configure. There are two files: time.php and conf.php. Once you have...

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This small and very simple script will display the current date and time every time a visitors browser is refreshed. It is extremely easy to set-up and use and you can have it working in just a few minutes. It is highly configurable meaning that...

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