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CSS customizations can be applied to the calendar to fit any web design scheme.This plugin forms the basis for the jQuery UI Datepicker. It is made available as a separate plugin since the UI team desired simplified functionality for their version.



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Birth Day script allows you to find out what day of the week you were born on.

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Adds ISO 8601 / RFC 3339 date parsing to the javascript Date object. References: ISO 8601 RFC 3339The ProblemMany server-side languages (e.g. Ruby and Python JSON encoders) and data transfer formats ( e.g. ATOM ) emit RFC 3339 / ISO 8601 date...

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This script can be used to organize activities in companies, as a eprsonal scheduler, as an appointment scheduler, etc.This calendar system was written using the jQuery Framework.Web2Cal is a Google calendar and Outlook organizer clone.Here are...

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Time Button is one cool button clock.

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It takes the current date, and using a template, translates it into Spanish.The output can be placed on a page or passed to other javascript function.It supports writting the date in different formats.

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With the help of this script you can simultaneously view the time in five different cities covering five different continents.Now in all you can find out the time in 130 given cities situated in the 6 major continents.Just choose the city and the...

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Using the library, a developer can parse date strings, format dates to different output strings, compare dates or perform date operations.

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The Calendar widget is a javascript-based calendar that can either be embedded within a page or popup when a trigger element is clicked. It is based very loosely on the Dynarch Calendar, only in the sense that it was used as a base, but has been...

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My jQuery datepicker is a jQuery plugin which allows you to easily add d-deDUdate pickerd-deDt calendars to you HTML forms. These calendars make it much quicker, easier and less error prone for people to input certain types of dates.

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Creating the specialized Request for Proposal form during the development process for Durham Convention Center's (DCC) new website was no easy task, but it was fun. This form provided some unique user-interaction opportunities. We need to capture...

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Calendar formats include Gregorian, Thai, Julian, Persian, Islamic, Hebrew, Ethiopian, Coptic, Mayan and Taiwan.An AIR application is also included.

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Where is night right now? Where is day? Day'n'night worldmap paints the current nightzones and dayzones straight into a tiny worldmap! You may put the worldmap anywhere into your webpage. You may use a worldmap of your own - the script will adjust...

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This is a military-style text JavaScript clock that changes by the second.

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This is a yearly calendar script that simply displays 12 months from current month in a table format.

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The new online Design Analog Watch displays hours, minutes, seconds, date and day. Realtime. It fits anywhere into your webpage. Easy installation.

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PopCalendarXP is a great-looking JavaScript date picker that comes with many convenient features to facilitate date inputs on your webpage. In short words, it's simple outside while powerful inside and all well-documented that even people with...

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This little script let you display the current time in "Military Time" or "12 Hour Time" with the push of a button.

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With Max's Simple Time you can easily display the actual time in real time on your web page. The installation is very simple and you can put the clock where you want. A detailed installation instruction and an example code can be found in the...

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a)Shows the current time, as in digital watches. b)The time keeps changing every second. c)Very simple to use. d)Can be added in any page with no javascript knowledege.

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I created this script to countdown to any date.

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This script shows the time, second by second, in normal text instead of a box. This makes it look more natural on your page. The only bad part is that it's hard to change the color and other attributes of the text without being a CSS or Javascript...

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The advanced version of the Javascript Clock displays the time in layman's terms, with AM/PM.

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These functions expands functionality of JavaScript Date object, making date calculations in JavaScript as easy as in VBScript....Calculate Differences between two dates in given intervalsCalculate future date by adding given interval.

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This script offers you a more sophisticated way to display the time. It will write in the format, 'XX Till Hour'. It's ten past three in the afternoon, for example.

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This JavaScript example will display a JavaScript clock with an optional on/off switch.

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Xin Calendar Mods is a collection of some core scripts and their mod scripts. The core scripts provide the basic calendar functions (aka, pops up to pick a date and you can change the calendar style), additional calendar features, such as date...

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Automatic Up-top Titlebar Datetime Clock is a multi-platform compatible script that dynamically shows the date and time up top in the Title Bar of the browser in IE4&up and NS6. (NS3-4 show the date-time in the status bar). Get the code!...

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A JavaScript code snippet to display today's date on your web page in mm/dd/yyyy format.

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This is a code snippet to determine and display the date the document was last modified.

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