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This is an absolutely fabulous european currency calculator that calculates the money value of european countries currency in terms of the new European currency.The script is very lightweight and can be easily integrated into your own applications.



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Car Prices calculator will not only help you to forecast the REAL COST of buying and owning a car, but it will also help you to more accurately compare the real cost of one car buying scenario with the real cost of a second car buying scenario.

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This is a RPN JavaScript calculator. RPN stands for "Reverse Polish Notation," a parenthesis-free method for performing calculations. In the United States this method has been popularized by the Hewlett-Packard Corporation, which sells a...

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Easily convert more than 700 units and unit combinations in 20 categories. Available categories: temperature, number system (binary, octal, decimal,...), angle (deg, rad,...), length, area, volume, time, frequency, speed, acceleration, mass,...

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Enter three out of the six variables in a triangle, and this will solve for the rest. You don't need to know all the mathematics behind it, it is easy to use. Highly accurate and powerful. CWE - Crazy Maths - Trigonometry - Triangle Solver

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Tigra Calculator PRO is flexible JavaScript calculator offering high reliability and wide browsers support. This script allows your visitors to perform necessary mathematical calculations quickly and easily without any additional means. Result is...

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Tigra Calculator is free JavaScript widget that allows your visitors to make different calculations right on your site. Tigra Calculator Tigra Calculator is free JavaScript widget that allows your visitors to perform arithmetic calculations...

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A calculator that features many interesting functions: delete last char, Euro converter, complete operations display, etc. Calculette

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Temperature Converter is a very handy script that instantly coverts between the major temperature units Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin. Cut & Paste Temperature Converter Click here to get free JavaScripts, hassle free!

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Accounting Tape Calculator makes use of textarea input to mimic tape as calculations are output upwards line by line in a scrolling tape fashion. Also includes memory register operations for storage of values. MR, MS, M+, M*, M- Specify decimal...

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An interesting script for converting between integers and Roman Numerals, as well as checking the validity of Roman Numerals for common mistakes. Cut & Paste Roman Numerals Converter Click here to get free JavaScripts, hassle free!

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Calculator includes memory register operations for storage of values. MR, MS, M+, M*, M- Specify decimal places for rounding. Modify UI appearance by changing the comprising HTML. Compatible with the most popular browsers including IE, NS6+,...

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Compact and handy RPN (reverse polish notation) calculator with 99 stacks, all essential functions and userdefined variables. Runs in browsers supporting javascript and can be opened in popup windows. The variables are stored in cookies to be...

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The Quadratic Equation Solver posted on this page solves for both real and imaginary (if applicable) results. Also on this site: solvers for the Cubic and Quartic equations, N Equations in N Unknowns, Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors, Cubic Spline...

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Here's a useful tool you can use to calculate your PayPal fees. It includes many advanced options such as choosing the source and destination countries, choosing which PayPal Fee Rate you want to use, and choosing whether or not to include the...

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Use this practical script to easily convert between the 7 most popular length units- centimeters, meters, kilometers, miles, inches, feet and yards. Simply enter a number, and let the script display the desired equivalents. Cut & Paste...

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Jeroen's Chmod calculator is the most robust calculator of its kind. It allows you to lookup and display the permission setting value (ie: 755) for files in 3 different ways, including its text equivalent (ie: -rwxr-xr-x). Cut & Paste...

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A javascript horsepower estimator for cars. You simply need the car's weight (there is usually a scale at a dragstrip) and a timeslip that shows the car's quarter mile elapsed time (ET) and speed at the finish line (Trap Speed). Horsepower Calculator

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This javascript calculator is designed so that you can add a very powerful calculator to your site to allow your visitors to do calculations on the spot with the minimum of fuss. Affordable Scripts: PHP Web Applications, Javascript Applications...

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This script simulates a pocket calculator. You can modify colors, borders, font size, etc. Works with decimal and hexadecimal numbers. JS-Calculator - a JavaScript calculator Create a pocket calculator with this script.

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By this calculator, parents and health care providers can assess and track their baby's growth at home or at hospital. Infant percentile calculator is one easy calculator that replaces 10 growth charts. Just enter your infant's measurements to...

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Freeform calculator is extremely useful for adding columns of numbers and for making comparison calculations as you might do in a spreadsheet. It can also cope with simple bracketed expressions. Alphanumeric text is parsed to extract numeric data...

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This is a DHTML calculator with error checking. Definitely more stylish than the traditional JavaScript calculator, if nothing else. Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- DHTML Calculator Click here for a DHTML calculator; this is not your usual Javascript...

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A nice utility for genealogy sites to offer to their visitors who do census record searches. This Convenient SoundEx generator form may be displayed inline with your page content or you may provide a link to let your visitors pop it up into a...

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A calculator that is easy to use, with numerous functions including trigonometery, powers, roots and more. CWE - Crazy Maths - Calculator

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Solve quadratic, cubic and quartic equations easily. Finds both real and imaginary solutions. Accurate and easy to use, requires no maths knowledge - just enter the equation! CWE - Crazy Maths - Number Analysis

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Scientific calculator with memory, date, time, currency converter, and scientific functions. This version has 50 buttons and three lcd-style displays. The Carpe calculator ZF can be used by just opening a link, as a bookmarklet or it can be...

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Help raise awareness about global warming and climate change! A script that's simple to implement, the Carbonify Carbon Dioxide Calculator allows your visitors to estimate their environmental impact in relation to carbon dioxide emissions produced...

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Use this practical script to easily figure out how many megabytes is 134,643 kilobytes, or 1024,000,000 bytes is gigabytes. You get the idea. Cut & Paste Bandwidth Calculator Click here to get free JavaScripts, hassle free!

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BN Calculator is a full featured calculator that both looks good and works great. It has 20 buttons and can be placed anywhere in your web page. Feel free to modify the script as you feel fit. JS index :: All in one Resource for Freeware...

Scripts 1-30 of 36
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