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Collection of four Atari VCS-retro-style maze-games in one pack.
Retrogames Maze-Craze 1.0 (by: Mac-Yun-Soft)

Collection of four Atari VCS-retro-style maze-games in one pack. Choose your favourite retro-style: 4-bit Atari VCS-like or 8-bit Atari 800/C-64 like graphics. Plays cool retro-techno music while playing. Easy and fun to play for every age.
OS: Mac ,

1.3 MB shareware 13 February, 2009 12:49
WaveProbe is a waveform viewer useful for examining the output of various logic simulators (like LogicSim, ModelSim, VCS).
WaveProbe 1.1 (by: Zeemz)

WaveProbe is a waveform viewer useful for examining the output of various logic simulators (like LogicSim, ModelSim, VCS). It offers a powerful and easy-to-use graphical user interface that lets you quickly analyze and debug your waveform files. It currently ...
OS: Windows , Windows Vista

9.1 MB shareware 13 February, 2009 12:49
Convert Outlook calendars into several formats so that you can get better exposure to your Outlook calendars.
Convert Outlook Calendars 2.2 (by: Convert Outlook Calendars)

This software easily convert Outlook calendars to VCS, ICS, iCAL, vCAL, Word files, so that you can use them widely. If you are moving outside then you can simply convert Outlook calendars to HTML and access the URL remotely. Similarly, from distant ...
OS: Windows , Windows Server

1.9 MB shareware 20 December, 2012 05:27
iCal Converter allows you to import iCal to Outlook Calendar, as well as to export to one or multiple iCal (.

vcs) files the whole Calendar folder containing unlimited number of events. If you need to sync, export or move your Calendar from Microsoft Outlook and share it with others, the easiest way is to use the iCalendar Converter software. Export Outlook ...
OS: Tablets , Windows , Windows 7

3.7 MB shareware 23 December, 2012 05:27
Stella is a multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator released under the GNU General Public License.
Stella 3.8.1 (by: Bradford W. Mott and the Stella team)

Stella is a multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator released under the GNU General Public License. Now you can enjoy all of your favorite Atari 2600 games on your Mac thanks to Stella! Stella allows you to enjoy all of your favorite 2600 games once again ...

4.5 MB freeware 25 August, 2012 11:25
Outlook to vCard, vCalendar or iCal Converter
vSync for Outlook 1.02.0318 (by: 4Team Corporation)

vcs and .ics file). Filter contacts and calendar events during import and export. Select proper encoding for exported Outlook contacts/calendar events. Export contacts or calendar events into one file compatible with Lotus Notes, Google Calendar, ipod, ...
OS: Windows

3.0 MB shareware 05 March, 2008 16:53
Import or export iCal/vCal files to Outlook

vcs) to Outlook calendar (appointments), or export Outlook calendar (appointments) to iCal/vCal files at once. Split, combine iCal/vCal files even without Outlook installed. Sync, export or move Outlook calendars in an easy way. Use it to manage duplicates ...
OS: Windows , Windows 7

5.8 MB shareware 06 June, 2012 06:37
Bazaar Explorer is a desktop application for
Bazaar Explorer 1.2 (by: Ian Clatworthy)

Bazaar Explorer is a desktop application for using the Bazaar Version Control System, a modern VCS that supports both centralized and distributed version control. It provides a high level interface to all commonly used features, launching "applets" ...

750.1 KB shareware 16 August, 2012 00:00
The RealAir Spitfire 2008 package is brimming
RealAir Spitfire for FSX 7.2 (by: RealAir Simulations)

-New and improved VCs, designed from the ground up for FSX with new features including specular and bump mapping (See Cockpit page). -True 3D gauges with silky-smooth movement that are an additional improvement on our already acclaimed ‘Smooth Gauges’ ...

122.0 MB shareware 27 August, 2012 00:00
The Bug Genie is a user-friendly and powerful PHP5.
The Bug Genie 3.2.0 (by:

3-based bug tracker/bug tracking tool with features such as project management, VCS integration (git, svn, hig), wiki and more. Ready to use out-of-the-box, and easy to install.
OS: Linux , Mac

3.7 MB freeware 04 December, 2012 03:14
SyncWiz add-in for Microsoft Outlook is an easy to use Outlook vCard and Calendar converter.
SyncWiz for Outlook 2.22 (by: 4Team Corporation)

vcs and .ics file formats. Sync Microsoft Outlook Calendars using vCalendar and iCalendar files. Backup, synchronize and convert contacts to vCard and .vcf files automatically. Schedule automatic calendar and contacts synchronization or perform a manual ...
OS: Tablets , Windows

5.6 MB shareware 31 January, 2013 05:27
SEE Solutions www.

vcs calendar entries, *.vcf business card via bluetooth - "Local" and "Remote" operation modes (Remote: synchronization via SSH with other blueinfo gateways) - "Local" operation mode to run BlueInfo locally only - "Remote" ...
OS: Other , Windows

2.2 MB shareware 16 January, 2013 05:27
Helpinator is a Help Authoring Tool that allows you to create help and manuals in different formats from single source.
Helpinator Professional 3.2.3 (by: Major Mind Software)

Helpinator also has "VCS-compatible" storage mode where all objects are stored in separate files inside project folder. 9. Conditional text allows you to alter content of help topics at compile time. Conditions use variable values to control ...
OS: Windows

27.6 MB shareware 23 March, 2013 05:27
A simple static-blog generator
Oak (by: Marcos De Vera Piquero)

The goal is to have a blog backed up by a (D)VCS and that the blog itself is all made up by static content. ## Status Oak is already usable but lot of things are still left: testing, some things still need to be reviewed, more layouts will be nice, ...
OS: Mac

20.5 KB shareware 14 July, 2012 11:25
2 player battles using two separate computers
Easy Tank COMMBAT 1.0 (by: Michael L. Clayton)

Easy Tank COMMBAT is an adaption of the COMBAT cartridge that was part of the original ATARI® VCS. Like the original, it allows 2 player battles with both opponents using the same computer console. In addition 5 levels of AI provide ready opponents.
OS: Windows

8.0 MB freeware 05 March, 2008 16:51
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