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starQuiz is a tool with a very interesting ability: to give a quiz over a network
starQuiz NetClient 3.5.1 (by: cosmicsoft)

If you install the star Quiz NetClient software on the computers that students will be using, they can connect to the server and take the quiz. This allows you to give a quiz to your entire class at once; install the starQuiz NetClient software ...
OS: Mac

5.7 MB freeware 12 June, 2010
starQuiz is the premiere computer-testing solution available today
starQuiz X 3.5.1 (by: cosmicsoft)

Students can take the quiz on one computer in the classroom or in a computer lab using starQuiz NetClient. Students can see their results as soon as they finish the quiz. After all students finish the quiz, the teacher can grade essay questions ...
OS: Mac

17.1 MB demo 13 June, 2010
It's as easy as clicking "Give to Students.
starQuiz 3.8.3 (by: iTrans)

You can also print the quiz on paper, or use the secure starQuiz NetClient software to ensure students can't access other programs while taking the test. (Important: tests are limited to 1 megabyte of resources. To upload larger tests, you can upgrade ...
OS: Mac

9.1 MB commercial 08 November, 2012
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