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libebt provides simple, elegant, human readable backtraces for C++ applications via the RAII (resource acquisition is initialisation) idiom.
libebt: Elegant C++ Backtraces 1.3.0 (by:

libebt provides simple, elegant, human readable backtraces for C++ applications via the RAII (resource acquisition is initialisation) idiom.
OS: Linux , Mac

141.4 KB freeware 07 February, 2013 03:14
A Chinese character is related to a story. The Chinese phrase or idiom with the character have many stories too.
Stories of Chinese Characters 1.0 (by: Beijing SinoType Technology Co., Ltd.)

The Chinese phrase or idiom with the character have many stories too. Are you interested in exploring the Chinese culture? Please follow me to read Stories about Chinese characters. It's a software product of YiZiJing.
OS: Mac ,

216.0 MB commercial 26 September, 2012 11:25
HamCall Rotor Control program is specifically
HamCall Rotor Control 1.5 (by: Buckmaster)

HamCall Rotor Control program is specifically designed to work with the Idiom Press Rotor-EZ kit for a HyGain or MFJ rotator controller. It indicates current antenna heading as well as desired heading. It reports progress as the rotor/antenna moves toward ...

17.0 MB freeware 12 June, 2012 00:00
Developed to provide the tightest integration
Idiom WorldServer Desktop Workbench 9.0 (by: Idiom Technologies, Inc.)

Developed to provide the tightest integration between desktop translation and WorldServer, the desktop workbench supports all the best translation memory (TM) features such as ICE matching, scoping, contextual previewing and online TM searching. View ...

22.2 MB freeware 19 September, 2012 00:00
ApSIC Xbench is an integrated reference tool
ApSIC Xbench 2.9 (by: ApSIC, S.L.)

6/XV projects - PO files - Wordfast glossaries - Wordfast memories - Wordfast Pro TXML files - Logoport RTF files - Idiom files - DejaVu files - Microsoft Glossaries (.csv files) - Mac OS X Glossaries ApSIC XBench provides a unified and convenient ...

1.8 MB freeware 06 May, 2012 00:00
Tweet Eye is a Twitter application that lets you Tweet photos in a blink of an eye.
Tweet Eye 1.0 (by: Tweet Eye)

As the old idiom goes, a picture says a thousand words, to help you express what you want to express Tweet Eye enables you to send photos to your followers of almost any place in the world and lots of other cool stuff. Simply search the word, choose ...
OS: Windows 8 , Windows

4.7 MB freeware 10 January, 2013 05:27
Featured by Apple in 'New & Noteworthy' in USA, Spain and other countries, our dictionaries have been many a time rated by our customers in the App Store as the most outstanding
Unabridged Dictionary 1.0.1 (by: Word Magic Software)

Features * More than an Unabridged Dictionary, this application is an unparalleled compendium of several regular dictionaries, idiom & colloquial dictionaries, proverb dictionaries, foreign-word dictionaries plus a gigantic collection of technical ...
OS: Mac ,

305.0 MB commercial 02 June, 2012 11:25
PyOpenCL lets you access the OpenCL parallel computation API from Python.
PyOpenCL 2011.1.2 (by: Goncalo de Carvalho)

This idiom, often called RAII in C++, makes it much easier to write correct, leak- and crash-free code. Completeness. PyOpenCL puts the full power of OpenCL's API at your disposal, if you wish. Convenience. While PyOpenCL's primary focus is to make ...
OS: Mac

1.2 MB shareware 29 June, 2012 11:25
Lexisgoo English Dictionary & Thesaurus is a superlative dictionary for MAC.
Lexisgoo English Dictionary 1.3 (by: PPCLINK Mobile Software)

Idiom dictionary contains about 2,900 entries * Audio pronunciation for English keywords * Built-in dictionaries: - WordNet 3.0: 200,000 entries, 3.5 million words and 1.7 million links - Thesaurus with 20,000 entries - GRE word-list with 5000 keywords ...
OS: Mac ,

40.4 MB commercial 13 August, 2012 11:25
WikiLook is a Wikipedia & Wiktionary look up. Fast, light, open source tool...
WikiLook 2.7.0 (by: Test Pilot)

Highlight any word or idiom with your mouse. 2. Move mouse pointer just a bit, still holding it over selected word. 3. Wait half a second. Waiting is to ensure non aggressive approach for definition frame appearance, in the meantime still preventing ...
OS: Mac

174.1 KB freeware 09 July, 2012 11:25
PhraseStress - the ultimate toy for learners of English!
PhraseStress 1.0.1 (by: Geir Larsen)

Use the built-in idiom browser to read explanations and examples of usage. ...
OS: Mac

  shareware 13 October, 2013 08:04
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