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The EMU SSH Suite consists of two free tools
EMU SSH Suite 1.0 (by: Eastern Michigan University)

The EMU SSH Suite consists of two free tools for Windows. You probably don't use PuTTY, the secure terminal application, very often. In fact, most people never need it. But you may find FileZilla, the secure file transfer application, very useful. o ...

4.6 MB freeware 23 May, 2012 00:00
We have moved OpenEmu to github, see http://github.
Open Emu 1.2 (by: openemu.org)

com/openemu/openemu Open Emu brings game emulation to the Mac as a first class citizen, with accelerated graphics, sound and HID controllers for all supported emulators. OpenEmuQC enables live 'cons
OS: Mac

552.6 KB freeware 08 March, 2013 03:14
Albino is a AU, RTAS and VST plug-in synthesizer.
Albino for Mac OS X 3.1.2001 (by: LinPlug Virtual Instruments GmbH)

After providing presets for the Emu Orbit-3 and Access Virus. Each layer can have an up to 32 step rhythm arpeggiator with several modes: up, down, up/down, down/up, as played, random mode and a chord and modulation mode. It can be retriggered, it can ...
OS: Mac

11.0 MB demo 26 November, 2012 03:14
Audio Converter - Instrument Editor
Awave Studio 11.0 (by: FMJ-Software)

Supported file formats include synthesizers from Roland, Yamaha, AKAI, EMU, Korg, SampleCell, various trackers, mobile phones, et c, et c. It is truly a must-have, multi-purpose audio tool for musicians, audio engineers, and just about anyone that's ...
OS: Windows , Windows 7 , Windows Server

1.8 MB shareware 08 April, 2014 01:33
Offers the user tools to create sound tracks

Offers the user tools to create sound tracks not only with musical elements but also with sound effects. We have collected binaural 3D stereo recordings from all over the world. The loops include: Synthectically generated 3D sound, guitar licks, drum ...

7.7 MB demo 18 October, 2012 00:00
Euro Calculator is an example of what can be
EuroCalculator 2.2 (by: EuroCalculator)

Euro Calculator is a standard package featuring currency conversion functionality and a specific focus on the currencies of the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU).

2.1 MB freeware 11 June, 2012 00:00
MIPSter is a text editor written specifically
Mipster 2.0 (by: Dave Haynes/Downcast Systems)

Main Features: - Uncluttered, easy-to-use interface - Syntax highlighting - SPIM (MIPS emu) included - Integrated help system - Toolbox of commands - Multiple Undo/Redo - Outlining - Intellisense Tooltips - Intelliprompt Dropdown Lists ...

22.6 MB freeware 15 June, 2012 00:00
Tropical Birds is an educational program
Tropical Birds 1.0 (by: HiYah)

Then, there are some slides about the Bird of Paradise, Canary, Cockatiel, Cockatoo, Emu, Guinea Fowl, and many more.

45.7 MB freeware 24 June, 2012 00:00
ENES is a video game preservation initiative : we develop both hardware & software to extract data from video game cartridges such as NES.

ENES is a video game preservation initiative : we develop both hardware & software to extract data from video game cartridges such as NES. We do not provide roms through our website because of copyright.
OS: Linux , Mac

71.2 KB freeware 01 November, 2012 03:14
Instrument Manager is designed to meet every real-world need related to instrument management with ANY software/hardware sampler.
Instrument Manager 1.0Build38 (by: Chicken Systems Inc)

It supports practically all Instrument file formats: Kontakt, Structure, EXS24, Reason NNXT, HALion, MachFive, Independence, GigaStudio, SFZ/Dimension, workstations such as Motif, Fusion, and Fantom, and old samplers such as Akai, Roland, Emu, Ensoniq, Kurzweil, ...
OS: Mac

17.7 MB demo 21 September, 2012 11:25
The Note Repeater is an application which will bring several beat making functions to any drum pad or midi controller keyboard.
Note Repeater 1.5 (by: mohamed mamadou kante)

Among the functions of the application you will have: - 2 Note repeat functions(Clock QT and Clock) - a Drum pad slave function - a Chord function - a Roll function - a Flam function - a polyphonic/monophonic function If you have ever used a classic drum machine from the 80's and 90's (EMU SP1200 AKAI MPC ,Linn ...
OS: Mac

  shareware 08 November, 2013 10:09
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