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Rhythm of Life - Apple Loops provides hundreds of immaculately performed solo and emsemble percussion loops

Instruments featured include: Congas, Bongos, Djembe Udu, Bata Drums, Sabar & Sarouba, Shakers & Rainmakers, African Shakers Gongs & Hand Cymbals, Cowbells, Agogos Tambourines, Guiro Talking Drum, Bells, and many more! There are ...
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1024.0 KB demo 13 June, 2010 05:54
Royalty-free loops from Africa for Garage Band, Logic and more.

From Marimba and Kalimba to Djembe and bongos, all the sounds are really authentic and perfectly reflect the pure soul of Africa. UVI African Traditions features : - Super easy to use interface - 396 samples and loops - Sliced and unsliced sounds ...
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  shareware 04 November, 2013 10:17
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