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Kinect BVH Mocap is a simple Windows
Kinect BVH Mocap 1.0 (by: Integrate Systems Engineering Ltd)

Kinect BVH Mocap is a simple Windows application that captures 3D motion data in BioVision format (.bvh) files using a Kinect sensor. These can be easily imported into Credo Interactive's DanceForms 2.0 choreography and animation software. The application ...

669.0 KB freeware 20 July, 2012 00:00
Film the Google SketchUp 3D Warehouse

With 3DXchange5, users are able to import file formats 3DS, OBJ, SKP, FBX and BVH; and ready them for iClone with material & texturing tools.
OS: Windows

63.7 MB shareware 05 June, 2012 06:16
Bryce Personal Learning Edition is a 3D

Bryce Personal Learning Edition is a 3D landscaping and animation tool. With Bryce 7 you can add unbelievable realism with Image Based Lighting, true instancing, improved skies and clouds, and even particle emitters. Plus, the totally redesigned bridge ...
OS: Mac

269.8 MB freeware 19 May, 2012 00:00
Sorceress of the Wastelands is a highly

Sorceress of the Wastelands is a highly detailed fourteen-piece fantasy outfit created for BVH3D's Angela 1.0 and Eternia 1.0 - the next generation Poser figures. Designed with superior hyper-optimized geometry - this ensures ultra-fast renders in ...

2.1 MB freeware 12 September, 2012 00:00
Puppetshop is a FREE Rigging and Animation
PuppetShop 3.4 (by: Lumonix, Kees Rijnen)

Import and edit Motion Capture data (BVH), including Biped compatible BVH clips. And manage all your assest via the build-in Library System. Copy and Mirror animation data between bodyparts While an optimized trackview shows only the controllers ...

448.0 KB freeware 07 July, 2012 00:00
MVN Studio is a software application for
MVN Studio 3.1 (by: Xsens Technologies B.V.)

BVH (Biovision Hierarchical data) - .FBX (FiLMBOX) - .MVNX - (MVN Open XML format) - .C3D export (coordinate 3D) MVNX Output - Full kinematics of 23 segments (position, velocity, acceleration, orientation, angular velocity and angular acceleration).

563.8 MB demo 08 May, 2012 00:00
It is a highly detailed pair of wings created
BVH Demoness Wings 1.0 (by: BVH3D.COM)

It is a highly detailed pair of wings created for the animated Angela 1.0 and Eternia 1.0 figures. Designed with superior hyper-optimized geometry along with a really light outfit. It will allow the users to load multiple characters along with complete ...

519.0 KB freeware 13 August, 2012 00:00
Film the Google SketchUp 3D Warehouse
Reallusion iClone 3DXchange 5.5 (by: Reallusion Inc.)

iClone characters and motions can also be exported to external 3D tools and video game engines through FBX and BVH formats - opening a whole new world for iClone users and content developers!
OS: Windows 8 , Windows

74.9 MB shareware 19 August, 2013 09:07
Verto Studio 3D is an innovative, fully-functional 3D modeling program designed to rival over-complicated studio modeling programs.
Verto Studio 3D 1.0 (by: Michael. L. Farrell)

md5* ), Biovision BVH ( .bvh ), CharacterStudio Motion ( .csm ), DirectX X ( .x ), BlitzBasic 3D ( .b3d ), Quick3D ( .q3d,.q3s ), Ogre XML ( .mesh.xml ), Irrlicht Mesh ( .irrmesh ), Irrlicht Scene ( .irr ), Neutral File Format ( .nff ), Sense8 WorldToolKit ...
OS: Mac ,

4.9 MB commercial 07 September, 2012 11:25
The Electric Image Animation System (EIAS) is an eminent 3D animation and rendering package available for the Mac and PC.

EIAS can import animation from other applications via the FBX, OBM and BVH formats. EIAS can import motion tracking data from SynthEyes, PFTrack, Boujou and MatchMover. Function Curves provide a precise way to animate objects naturally. Bullet rigid ...
OS: Mac

65.9 MB shareware 15 December, 2013 08:15
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