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ASP.NET MVC Razor Document Viewer Control for C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET developers easily integrate documents view, convert, annotate, redact features in .NET projects

ASP.NET MVC Razor Document Viewer Control for C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET developers easily integrate documents view, convert, annotate, redact features in .NET projects
OS: Windows , Windows 7



5.7 MB shareware 21 June, 2017
Barcode SDK for ASP.NET generate barcode images in ASP.NET Web applications, Reporting Services in C# or VB.NET. Supports 1D barcode, PDF417, Data Matrix, MaxiCode, QRCode

KeepDynamic ASP.NET Barcode library can be easily integrated into any .NET framework web projects and is able to be used as a control in toolbox in Visual Studio, which let developers easily drag and drop barcode images to a web form. Using the barcode ...
OS: Other , Windows , Windows Server , Windows 7

1.9 MB full trial 11 November, 2017
Free extension of Knockout.js for ASP.NET MVC
Knockout MVC 0.5.1 (by: Perpetuum Software)

Knockout MVC is a free extension of Knockout.js library for ASP.NET MVC 3 that moves all business logic to server side and automatically generates JavaScript code necessary for client side based on C# or VB.NET data model. Creation of JavaScript-based ...
OS: Windows

66.0 KB freeware 07 July, 2012
ASP.NET PayPal Control - Website Payments Std

offers a single DLL ASP.NET Web Form Server Control / ASP.NET MVC Component that will do everything for you if you want to develop an e-commerce web application with PayPal Website Payments Standard. Enhanced Design time Smart Tag GUI will guide you ...
OS: Windows , Windows 7

3.1 MB shareware 08 May, 2012
Rich Text Editor for ASP.NET and MVC

RichTextEditor for is by far the fastest, cleanest, most powerful online wysiwyg content editor. It's also available for PHP and ASP. It enables web developers to replace any textbox/textarea with an intuitive word-like wysiwyg html ...
OS: Android , Linux , Windows

14.8 MB demo 19 January, 2013
Raw Data Print for ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC

WebClientPrint is a plugin-free solution for Raw Printing scenarios for Windows clients, exclusively designed for ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC. With WebClientPrint, you can easily send raw data, text and native commands to printers installed at the client ...
OS: Windows

1.4 MB commercial 16 February, 2013
ASP.NET barcode generator library control dll

ASP.NET barcode generator component. Easy to stream linear, 2D barcode in ASP.NET web application/ web site using control library drag-n-drop, C#/ VB.NET class library, or through Microsoft IIS. Flexible barcode settings are provided.
OS: Handheld , Linux , OS/2 , Palm OS , Windows CE

280.8 KB demo 17 January, 2013
Server control for ASP .NET
ASP.NET Barcode Server Control 1.0 (by:, Inc.)

Add barcodes to ASP Dotnet web forms applications with this bar code control. Barcodes dynamically appear in the web browser as high quality JPEG images. Our ASP .NET Linear Barcode Server Control supports several barcode symbologies including Code 39, ...
OS: Windows

69.0 KB demo 05 March, 2008
DHTMLX Scheduler .NET for ASP.NET

NET for ASP.NET is a highly customizable Ajax-powered calendar control that allows quick adding of a user-friendly scheduling interface, similar to MS Outlook or Google Calendar, to your ASP.NET apps. It allows creating rich web event calendars, task ...
OS: Other , Windows , Windows 7

11.1 MB demo 01 August, 2013

ASP.NET MVC is a free, fully supported Microsoft framework for developing great web applications using the Model-View-Controller pattern. It provides total control over your HTML and URLs, enables rich Ajax integration, and facilitates test driven development.

18.0 KB freeware 08 July, 2012
MVC Scaffold Generator is a CRUD code

MVC Scaffold Generator is a CRUD code generator for the new ASP.NET MVC framework. MVC Scaffold Generator allows you to quickly create the basic Add/Edit/Delete/List Asp.NET pages.Ruby on Rails like error reporting in the CRUD pages,ability to create ...

319.0 KB freeware 17 August, 2012

ASP.NET MVC 3 is a framework for building scalable, standards-based web applications using well-established design patterns and the power of ASP.NET and the .NET Framework.ASP.NET MVC 3 builds on ASP.NET MVC 1 and 2, adding great features that both simplify ...

21.6 MB freeware 18 May, 2012
Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate is a comprehensive solution to render reports for the .NET Framework platform. The product includes a complete set of tools to build reports under WinForms, ASP.NET, MVC, HTML5, and WPF environments.

NET Framework platform. The product includes a complete set of tools to build reports under WinForms, ASP.NET, MVC, Silverlight, HTML5, and WPF environments. Report Designers, which can be run in DesignTime and in RunTime, including a unique report designer ...
OS: Windows , Windows 7

166.6 MB shareware 20 July, 2015
Linear and 2D barcode images for ASP.NET.

Barcode Professional can generate the most popular Linear and 2D Barcode Symbologies. Visual Studio .NET, Visual Studio 2005, Visual Web Developer, Borland C# Builder, etc. For .NET 1.0 or Greater. Main Features: - Linear & 2D Barcode Symbologies ...
OS: Windows

1.2 MB commercial 05 March, 2008
Barcode web control for ASP .NET.

The ASP.NET Barcode Server Control is a new drag-and-drop component that easily adds dynamic barcoding capability to Microsoft .NET Web Applications. It is a server-side component that creates JPEG images, therefore all processing takes place on the ...
OS: Windows

634.1 KB demo 05 March, 2008
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