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TeroTech 2.94

Computerized maintenance management system will help to reduce downtime through effective planning and implementation of maintenance.
Key features are -
Asset Register, central to any cmms, records details of each asset TeroTech is being used to manage maintenance for.
Preventive Maintenance, any number of maintenance routines may be written and then associated with any or all of the assets. Frequency, due date and history is recorded for each asset/instance.
Corrective Maintenance Log, corrective maintenance requests can be logged with details of reportee, job details and time request logged for future action. Optional job authorization step available.
Supplier Database, details of asset suppliers
Asset History, all routine and corrective maintenance work completed on an asset is recorded in the assets history file. manual entries may also be added to an assets history file.
Work Schedule (may be filtered in a variety of ways), provides a list of currently due work, maintenance routines and corrective maintenance requests.
Knowledge Base, a repository for any general information, could be standard operating procedures, useful telephone numbers, set up instructions, anything. The Knowledge base may be browsed or searched by keyword.
Staffing Sheet, shows who should be on shift when. can be used to record holidays, training etc.
Internal Email, useful for sending messages between users. Even on a single PC setup can be used to leave messages for people on different shifts.
Stores Management. has records of stock of spare parts. Can produce a re-order list based on max/min stock levels. Records issues, which can be allocated to individual and also to any corrective maintenance job currently in the work list. If allocated to a job, then the material costs will be allocated to the relevant asset when the job is marked as completed. Reports on total stock value of stores

Many features suit use on network with multiple users.

Platforms: Windows 95 , Windows 98 , Windows Millennium , Windows NT 4.x , Windows XP , Windows2000

System requirements: 486DX or better, 10Mb Min - 20Mb Rec Hard Drive, SVGA Display.

Price: $431.00

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Download TeroTech 2.94
TeroTech 2.94

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Download TeroTech 2.94
TeroTech 2.94
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