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Speed Beep 2.0.7

Download Speed Beep 2.0.7
Speed Beep 2.0.7

If youve ever tried adding custom beep sounds to your Macintosh system, youve probably discovered two annoying things. First of all, you get tired of the new sound quickly, because it plays all the time. Secondly, you cant use longer sounds on older Macs because it "locks up" until the sound has finished playing. Speed Beep solves both of those problems. A different sound is played at random each time your Macintosh beeps and you can continue working while the beep sound is playing even if the sound is a few seconds long. It works using the same sounds you already have in your Sound control panel, and is compatible with all version of Apples Sound Manager software. Limitations:. Tiger Technologies: Software Programs. As of January 2009, Tiger Technologies no longer creates, updates or sells software programs. Instead, we focus on our Web hosting services.

Platforms: Mac

System requirements: System 6.0.4 or later

Price: $10.00

Added: 14 February, 2010 06:19 File size: 55.0 KB
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Download Speed Beep 2.0.7
Speed Beep 2.0.7

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Download Speed Beep 2.0.7
Speed Beep 2.0.7
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Download Speed Beep 2.0.7
Speed Beep 2.0.7
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