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Download Sketch Master 4.71
Sketch Master 4.71

It is a tool to make rich and fun pictures,
Convert your photos to sketchs.
You can make pictures with 100 beautiful Frame.
And make album with your photos.
You can input photo from PC Camera,and show real sketch effect.
Registered user can free get Photo to Sketch v3.5 and get 165 frames.
The usage is simply.

Platforms: Windows 95 , Windows 98 , Windows Millennium , Windows NT 3.x , Windows NT 4.x , Windows XP , Windows2000

System requirements: Pentium 300 PC or higher, 64MB RAM or more.

Price: $39.50

Added: 05 March, 2008 16:53 File size: 7.1 MB
Status: new Download times: 512 kb/s: 01 m 54 s
Program type: shareware   1 Mb/s: 57 s
      2 Mb/s: 29 s
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Download Sketch Master 4.71
Sketch Master 4.71

Tags: Sketch Master, Photo To Sketcher, Graphic, Make Picture With Frame, Make Sketch

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Download Sketch Master 4.71
Sketch Master 4.71
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Download Sketch Master 4.71
Sketch Master 4.71
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