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Download SigmaScan Pro 5.0
SigmaScan Pro 5.0

Sigma Scan Pro automated image analysis program provides you with image solutions for your scientific image collections with its powerful suite of image analysis tools which will count, measure and analyze images from any TWAIN supported device. The program provides more than 50 measurement options for converting your images into analytical data and its built-in algorithms will allow you to count and number up to 64,000 image objects and collect the data in a spreadsheet. Using the program for biological science purposes, you can quickly count and measure organisms or cells and apply automation to your growth studies and the program can also enable you to measure particle sizes and shapes from your microscopic slides or micro graphs. Overlay planes featured in Sigma Scan Pro can be used to produce a count and distribution of bacterial colonies on an agar plate. For your astrophysical images in physics or astronomy, the program will turn your images into qualitative data and enable you to prepare descriptive presentations. You will be also provided with color look up tables that can be applied to grayscale images for highlighting image features to aid you in the diagnostics of your field if your field is in Medical Research. Whether you're investigating coral coverage and diversity, studying the distribution of oil droplets, and Engineer requiring circuit board design analysis from an image, or you need to determine the distances and highlight specific areas of your satellite photography, Sigma Scan Pro program will meet your requirements.

System requirements: Not specified

Price: $1,499.00

Added: 17 July, 2012 00:00
Status: new
Program type: shareware  
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Download SigmaScan Pro 5.0
SigmaScan Pro 5.0

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Download SigmaScan Pro 5.0
SigmaScan Pro 5.0
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Download SigmaScan Pro 5.0
SigmaScan Pro 5.0
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