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ShippingExplorer 5.0

E-Mail and SMS AlertsYou draw a zone on the map and once the specified ship enters that zone you'll be alerted via e-mail or SMS on your cell phone.Track- and Port-History of a ShipWe record every step a ship makes so that you can later see when and where a ship was.Dozens of FiltersFilters help you to see only ships of a special kind on your map. Many more dynamic filters were included such as the "Destination"-filter ("Which vessels are going to Hamburg?"). These and many more filters can be found right next to the map.Port TrafficYou can see which ships came in and went out on a specific day.Names and Direction VectorsYou can optionally view the map with the ship's names displayed next to them. Additionally you can display Direction Vectors on the vessels to see where they're heading.Different Maps and Satellite ImagesWith ShippingExplorer you have many map services to choose from. You can use Google, Microsoft, Yahoo or use our native map. Some services also provide you with satellite images.Information About a ShipSelecting a ship on the map will show you the live data the ship transmits about itself such as its Size, Type, Speed, Destination and many more. If available, you'll also see a photo of that vessel.Advanced InformationIn addition to the live data we also provide further information about the selected ship. See when the ship was built, who operates it and much more.Port StatisticsWith ShippingExplorer you can see detailed statistics of a port. When is the best time and best day to arrive at Hamburg? or What kind of ships are there most?Measure ToolWith the ruler you can quickly measure a distance between two points or see how many ships are in a specific radius around you.Speed Graph of ShipsWhen viewing the Track of a ship you can also see when a ship slowed down or stopped with the new handy Speed Graph.

Platforms: WinXP , Windows XP

System requirements: CPU: 750 MHz, RAM: 128 MB, Resolution: 1024x768, Internet: 56 kbit/s modem

Price: $99.00

Added: 25 July, 2009 05:31 File size: 11.8 MB
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Download ShippingExplorer 5.0
ShippingExplorer 5.0

Tags: Live, Vessel, Tracking

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Download ShippingExplorer 5.0
ShippingExplorer 5.0
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