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Rocket Desktop 1.01

Download Rocket Desktop 1.01
Rocket Desktop 1.01

Rocket Desktop locks your icons in place.

How often do you accidentally drag icons on your desktop ?
How often do you accidentally edit the icon\'s caption when double clicking an icon ?
If these sound familiar then Rocket Desktop is for you.
It stops these types of accidents and much more...

-Simple to install and setup
-Simple to use
-Disable icon dragging
-Disable context menus
-Hide icon caption option
-Autostart option
-Save / restore desktop layout
-No registry 'tweaks'
-98 / ME / NT / 2K / XP
Rocket Desktop provides functions that Microsoft should have supplied to make life a little easier.

Platforms: Windows 95 , Windows 98 , Windows Millennium , Windows NT 3.x , Windows NT 4.x , Windows XP , Windows2000

System requirements: Pentium 100MHz

Price: $15.00

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Download Rocket Desktop 1.01
Rocket Desktop 1.01

Tags: Desktop, Desktop Lock, Desktop Icons, Desktop Security, Desktop Manager, Desktop Positions

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Download Rocket Desktop 1.01
Rocket Desktop 1.01
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Download Rocket Desktop 1.01
Rocket Desktop 1.01
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