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Download Quincy 2005 5.0
Quincy 2005 5.0

Quincy is a handy freeware open-source tool. It is a simple programming environment for C/C++ on Windows. It contains an editor, a compiler, a debugger, and graphics and GUI toolkits. Because of it's simple interface, Quincy is ideal for learning C or C++ programming.

With integrated support for FLTK and the FLUID GUI builder, Quincy is also a rapid application development (RAD) tool for Windows GUI programs. Like its predecessor, Quincy 2002, the Quincy 2005 IDE and its source code are released for free, without any licencing restriction whatsoever.

Quincy 2005 makes it easy to use the MinGW C/C++ compiler, and the GDB debugger.
With Quincy you can develop Console C or C++ applications, Win32 GUI applications, DLLs, or static libraries. Quincy 2005 offers WinBGIm graphics (for simple 2D graphics) and FLTK GUI applications (to build graphical user interfaces). The included koolplot 2D plotting library is of special value to scientists and engineers.

System requirements: Not specified

Added: 15 May, 2012 00:00
Status: new
Program type: shareware  
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Download Quincy 2005 5.0
Quincy 2005 5.0

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Download Quincy 2005 5.0
Quincy 2005 5.0
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Download Quincy 2005 5.0
Quincy 2005 5.0
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