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NBIO 2.0

NBIO is a library that implements nonblocking I/O facilities for Java. Surprisingly, the standard JDK libraries (as of JDK 1.3) do not provide nonblocking I/O. This means that in order to implement applications (such as web servers and other Internet services) that support many concurrent I/O streams, a large number of threads must be used. However, the overhead of threading (in Java, as well as more generally) limits the performance of such an implementation.

What is needed is a nonblocking I/O library that allows a small number of threads to be used, along with a select() or poll() like mechanism to test for incoming I/O events on a large number of streams. This is what NBIO provides.

NBIO is implemented using a native code wrapper to nonblocking I/O, as well as the poll() system calls and /dev/poll event-delivery mechanism. The native code for this is found in the jni directory. This library is known to work on Linux 2.2 and 2.4 systems, Solaris 7 and 8, FreeBSD, and HP/UX. Because it uses standard UNIX system calls, it should either work or be easy to port to a large number of other UNIX systems. A beta release for Windows 2000 systems is available - see below. NBIO is open source software.

Platforms: Mac , Mac OS X

System requirements: No special requirements.

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Download NBIO 2.0
NBIO 2.0

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Download NBIO 2.0
NBIO 2.0
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