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Download Navigon POI 1.0
Navigon POI 1.0

Want to download and be able to add additional custom POI 's to your Navigon Sat Nav but can't work out how? If you have bought one of the newer, 40/70 series Satellite Navigation (Sat Nav) or GPS device from Navigon, then you should be good to go. Simply install and then run Navigon Fresh and use the new POI-Assistant utility.

This is a fairly simple to use and possibly the only Navigon POI Converter available that allows search from the Navigon Menus.

Navigon POI will allow you to create a set of Custom POI 's from scratch or do the conversion from a downloaded csv file for you from those freely available POI 's online.

As an example: Take a Garmin .csv file, that is in a format of - "long, Lat, Town (can include POI Name), Other Details" and then convert it to a Custom set of POI for the Navigon device. It's very easy to use, just a few clicks and custom POI's are on your Navigon device.

System requirements: Not specified

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Download Navigon POI 1.0
Navigon POI 1.0

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Download Navigon POI 1.0
Navigon POI 1.0
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Download Navigon POI 1.0
Navigon POI 1.0
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