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HXQ 0.17.0

HXQ is a free and open source translator from XQuery (the standard query language for XML) to embedded Haskell code. The translation is based on Template Haskell.

HXQ takes full advantage of Haskell's lazy evaluation to keep in memory only those parts of XML data needed at each point of evaluation, thus performing stream-based evaluation for forward queries (queries that do not contain backward steps).

This results to an implementation that is as fast and space-efficient as any stream-based implementation based on SAX filters or finite state machines. Furthermore, the coding is far simpler and extensible since it is based on XML trees, rather than SAX events.

Since HXQ uses lazy evaluation, you get the first results of non-blocking queries immediately, while the non-streaming XQuery processors must first parse the entire input file and construct the whole XML tree in memory before they produce any output.

Finally, HXQ can store XML documents in a relational database (currently MySQL or SQLite), by shredding XML into relational tuples, and by translating XQueries over the shredded documents into optimized SQL queries.

The mapping to relational tables is based on the document's structural summary, which is derived from the document data rather than from a schema. It uses hybrid inlining to inline attributes and non-repeating elements into a single table, thus resulting to a compact relational schema.

For each such mapping, HXQ synthesizes an XQuery that reconstructs the original XML document from the shredded data. This XQuery is fused with the user queries using partial evaluation techniques and parts of the resulting query are mapped to SQL queries using code folding rules so that all relevant predicates are promoted to SQL.

This pushes most evaluation to the database query engine, thus resulting to a fast execution over large data sets.

NOTE: HXQ is licensed and distribute under the terms of the BSD License.

Platforms: Mac , Mac OS X

System requirements: GHC

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Download HXQ 0.17.0
HXQ 0.17.0

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Download HXQ 0.17.0
HXQ 0.17.0
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Download HXQ 0.17.0
HXQ 0.17.0
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