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Download GPS Time and Test 1.5
GPS Time and Test 1.5

It is a PC Clock synchronization program. The program synchronizes a PC Clock to the right time using artificial satellites. It is alternative solution to synchronizing with atomic clock using NTP(SNTP) and Internet. The program works in the interactive mode or in background. It uses NMEA protocol. $GPZDA, $ZQZDA or $GPRMC protocol sentences are explored as time source. The program can be used as NMEA and COM port tester. It outputs a port receiving buffer, extracts all NMEA sentences and counts check sum errors. Default protocol version is NMEA 0183. If you want to use this program you need a GPS (Global Positioning System) unit connecting to PC's COM port. The product is free for users of BrigSoft products Atomic Clock Service, PC Atomic Sync and OS Non-Proxy Atomic Sync.

Platforms: Windows 95 , Windows 98 , Windows Millennium , Windows NT 3.x , Windows NT 4.x , Windows XP , Windows2000

System requirements: GPS unit on COM port

Price: $10.00

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Download GPS Time and Test 1.5
GPS Time and Test 1.5

Tags: Gps, Global Positioning System, Com, Port, Nmea, Pc, Pc Clock, Time, Sync, Synchro, Synchronization, Synchronizing, Program, Utility, Tool, Application, Windows

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Download GPS Time and Test 1.5
GPS Time and Test 1.5
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Download GPS Time and Test 1.5
GPS Time and Test 1.5
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