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FluidSIM-P 4.2

Download FluidSIM-P 4.2
FluidSIM-P 4.2

FluidSIM is a comprehensive software for the creation, simulation, instruction and study of electropneumatic, electrohydraulic and digital circuits.

All of the program functions interact smoothly, combining different media forms and sources of knowledge in an easily accessible fashion.

The smart and powerful FluidSIM unites an intuitive circuit diagram editor with detailed descriptions of all components, component photos, sectional view animations and video sequences. As a result FluidSIM is perfect not only for use in lessons but also for the preparation thereof and as a self-study program.

Professionals also get their money‘s worth: The new simulation core need not fear a comparison with more expensive special programs. Despite complex physical models and precise mathematical procedures simulation is amazingly fast.

FluidSIM also provides a whole range of possibilities for communication with other software via DDE and OPC and thanks to the support of Festo EasyPorts a link up to real hardware is also possible.

FluidSIM can be used to perform experiments, carry out simulations in real time and prepare lessons. It can also be used as a virtual modular control system and integrated into blended learning concepts.

System requirements: Not specified

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Download FluidSIM-P 4.2
FluidSIM-P 4.2

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Download FluidSIM-P 4.2
FluidSIM-P 4.2
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