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FiberDoc 5.4

FiberDoc is a powerful software for the evaluation and documentation of OTDR measurements with many unique features.

Main features:

-FiberDoc supports many different OTDR data formats:
- Anritsu (all disk formats MW9040 - MW9076)
- Ando/Yokogawa (AQ 7220B, AQ 7250, and AQ 7260)
- EXFO TRC files (via free EXFO reader)
- Nettest (Laser Precision)
(TD1000, TD2000, TD3486, CMA40/4000/8800)
- Tektronix (TFP2)
- Wavetek/Acterna (HELIOS)
- Siemens (K2320)/Corning (340 OTDR Plus)
- Standard formats (Bellcore):
-Bellcore GR-196-CORE
- Telcordia SR-4731 (Bellcore 2)

-Bellcore formats are supported by the manufacturers above and more (for instance Agilent (HP), EXFO, ... etc.)

-Further formats are under consideration. The formats are recognized by the program and can even be mixed within a cable or fiber project.

-Batch conversion of all supported data formats to Bellcore format
(3 different output formats)

-Combined evaluation of fibers in a cable or route (Prepare one single fiber and view all).
-Different fiber lengths and event tables in a cable can be handled by grouping the cable by fibers with equal lengths.

-Treatment of all variable parameters (IOR, cursor settings, scale, ...)

-Creation and treatment of event tables

-Export of fiber data to HTML and export of cable results to HTML and ASCII, which can easily be imported to spreadsheet applications

-Cable databases to organize your cable files

-Fiber projects optimized for branched link structures with versatile editing functions for single and multiple fibers

-Easy handling of pre- and postfibers in fiber projects

-Comprehensive loss summary for fibers of a fiber project

-Creation of full cable/route documentation including:

- Traces of single (Sample)/ multiple fibers (Sample)
- Total loss tables for all fibers (Sample)
- Loss tables for all route sections and events (fiber attenuation of the route section, splice/connection loss of the events) (Sample)
- Averaging over all fibers
- Mean values for bi-directional measurements
- Exception reports
- Tables with fiber results and measurement settings
- Fiber traces with comprehensive loss summary (Sample)

System requirements: Not specified

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Download FiberDoc 5.4
FiberDoc 5.4

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Download FiberDoc 5.4
FiberDoc 5.4
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