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Download Elevayta Extra Boy Pro 5.0
Elevayta Extra Boy Pro 5.0

Extra Boy Pro (name derived from 'Extract') is a tool that can be used to isolate, remove, suppress or enhance ANY part of a stereo audio track! Extra Boy Pro operates in real-time and is not restricted to vocal processing only. Extra Boy Pro incorporates a unique 2D Spectral-Spatial editing mode by which individual instruments, having been visually identified by their Spectral-Spatial graphical signature, can simply be deleted from the mix! Alternatively, an instrument that needs a boost can be boosted by simply drawing a Region of Interest (ROI) around its Spectral-Spatial signature and increasing the gain in that part of the mix. Multiple ROIs can be drawn and deleted independently. This provides the capability to delete, isolate or boost multiple instruments. A scrolling Spectrograph mode provides a further powerful diagnostic tool by which to visually identify individual instruments and edit their audio properties.

System requirements: Not specified

Price: $29.95

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Download Elevayta Extra Boy Pro 5.0
Elevayta Extra Boy Pro 5.0

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Download Elevayta Extra Boy Pro 5.0
Elevayta Extra Boy Pro 5.0
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Download Elevayta Extra Boy Pro 5.0
Elevayta Extra Boy Pro 5.0
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