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Download Clean Sweep 1.0
Clean Sweep 1.0

Is your computer running slow these days? Maybe you just need to clear out some old junk that's been accumulating, give your computer a face lift? Try Clean Sweep, a FREE, simple one-click solution which will clear out your old temporary files that can slow down your computer and even cause it to crash. Give it a try today, its FREE!

Platforms: Windows NT 4.x , Windows XP , Windows2000 , Windows2003

System requirements: Win 2000 / XP

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Download Clean Sweep 1.0
Clean Sweep 1.0

Tags: Computer Problems, Bad Computer, Clean, Temporary Internet Files, Slow Computer, Temporary Files, Fix, Sweep

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Download Clean Sweep 1.0
Clean Sweep 1.0
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Download Clean Sweep 1.0
Clean Sweep 1.0
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