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Bible Student 1.1

The Bible has been published in every format imaginable, and since the appearance of personal computers, different digital versions have been created. This is maybe one of the first one. It is a simple little program based on DOS platform. It features the entire text of the Protestant Bible divided into four subsections: Law, Prophets, Gospels and Epistles. This rough classification places several books into categories where they don't belong; for example, the Acts of the Apostles is classified under Gospels, and the Revelation is under Epistles. The interface of the program is very simple; in fact, since it was created for DOS, its graphic style looks very old-fashioned. Also, although newer versions of Windows allow using the mouse with DOS programs, it is possible that you need to use keyboard combinations for certain commands.
Although limited, the program does have several functionalities. For example, you can search for any word in the open file (but not in the entire Bible). Also, you can print any open book or verse.
There are, of course, more modern programs with many more features. Nevertheless, if you are nostalgic for those good old DOS days, or if you are a Bible or DOS program collector, then you may enjoy this application.

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Download Bible Student 1.1
Bible Student 1.1

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Download Bible Student 1.1
Bible Student 1.1
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Download Bible Student 1.1
Bible Student 1.1
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